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  1. If you're serious about being a proficient FFer you should learn in the tunnel. find a great coach(not a good coach, a great one) and commit the time and money. the more you do in a short period of time the faster you will progress. but It will be cheaper in the long run. teaching yourself in the air is only going to give you bad habits that will cost even more money to break than learning from scratch in the tunnel. commit 10-15 hours over 3-6 months and you'll be see great progress. yeah it's expensive, but it's really the only way to become a really good FFer, that's what the tunnel has done to this sport.
  2. Hard to beat Eloy for a tunnel/skydive vaca, IMO, it is the best training facility in the world. No car needed, world class instructors, facility, load organizers. just don't go in the summer.
  3. stevo

    iFly Singapore

    It's hard to justify those prices but That tunnel is SOOO worth it!!!! It's so smooth and HUGE. If you can fly HD and carve ect. I highly recommend spending the money, even if it's only 2 minutes. For learning the basics, it's a complete waste of $ if you have other options.
  4. been to all 3 DZs in the past month and these were the rules. perris - no turns greater than 90. period. eloy - 180s allowed in main landing area, 90 elsewhere, bigger turns allowed on low pass with proper clearance. elsinore - big turns still allowed in hi per area(where pond used to be) on all jumps.
  5. many things we do in skydiving put a great deal of strain on the rotator cuff. I had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff a year ago and since then i notice more and more people complaining about some form of shoulder pain at the dz. best prevention, stretching and strengthening the rotator cuff and warming up before jumping.
  6. don't know about just walking in and getting the $10 hr rate, but if you plan on trying that call first and ask if they have standby time available. best time is during the week, noon to 2pm or 9pm to 10pm. you'll have better luck going with someone who has an account. there's normally someone that has extra time to share. leave me your contact and i'll let you know if something comes up. or you can meet some of us who have accounts there and fly some standby time.
  8. USA 1 - SoCal Converge. travis fienhage, andy machiodi and matt lewis. Gold UK 1 - Volare. Carpenter and i dunno who else. Silver USA 2 not sure but looks like spaceland anomoly. Bronze
  9. i had extensive rotator cuff surgery, it was torn from the bone in places. I was out of skydiving for 1.5 years. things i learned. - avoid cortisone shots, they mask the pain while you do further damage. -avoid bench press and push ups, very tough on the rotator cuff -do rotator cuff exercises every day and before every work out. -rest it if it's sore(or be forced to rest it for 6 month after a hellish surgery.) -shoulder surgery sucks. avoid it at all cost, your shoulder will heal if you let it. i didn't believe all the horror stories, but an extensive shoulder surgery is not fun to recover from and very painful.
  10. if i were to "slow it down" i'd either get a larger xaos 21 for it's nice openings while still having x bracing or get a crossfire2, jumped one a few weekends ago, a 119, and it swooped nicely just doing 90s and openings were scary slow/soft.
  11. Travis is one hell of a coach and all around good dude, he does tunnel coaching at hollywood tunnel as well.
  12. jumped a pull-out for my first 2300 jumps, had surgery for a torn rotator cuff last year. i don't believe it was the sole cause of the injury but certainly think it contributed, it's not real nice on the shoulder.
  13. 2500 jumps - 86 xaos 27 loaded 2.4 - 270s - never injured approx progression 1-70 190 sabre 70-200 150 sabre 200-400 135 sabre 400-900 120 stilleto 900-1500 90 velocity 1500-2500 86 xaos 27