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  1. Probably a 210 or a 190 pulse. Base weight + gear = exit weight. your gear probably weighs around 25 to 30lbs right now. But honestly, you should make sure you do your homework before you start looking. Pulses don't really pack one size smaller if you're putting the biggest reserve you can. I believe I've read its best to shop for your reserve in mind because you never want to have a cutaway and then have to deal with a canopy that is smaller than you're used to. Good frame a reference:
  2. I've mostly been a lurker, but I recently created an account. Some background I have 83 jumps, maybe a dozen are so that were somewhere in between belly and Free fly (horny gorillas/funky exits), which all ended up back falling, then transitioning to belly when I'm certain I am clear of traffic above. I also have 30 minutes on belly in the tunnel, where I learned fall rate better, and learned lateral movement, knee turns, etc. They say it's recommended to learn how to backfly before I get into free flying which makes sense... but where do I start out? How can I learn on my own to fly on the back? I almost want to say the tunnel would be worth my while to learn how to back fly first, but I'm not sure where the money is best spent. Is backflying something best suited to learn in the sky? Is it too soon to learn how to freefly? Some of my friends started free flying early, and they're terribad on belly... which is a direction I do not want to go. So what's the peanut galleries thoughts?