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  1. i know dean potter just got a tube3. don´t know if that helps ;) have also a look on their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pressurized.base a.
  2. even though it´s zoomed in, try to get that shot and i´ll pay you a sixpack and a bitch! a.
  3. check these http://www.pressurized.at/products/twentyg/# pictures... may be it helps! dRu
  4. the jumpers are dave barlia and andy west (kamera). fuck***** awesome shot. great guys too... andY
  5. just got this link. it´s hupsi in a V2 and andi in his old trigger proto @ ITW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmHKfLzQR3I&feature=user andY
  6. why would you spend 180 hours to sew a wingsuit by your own, if you could just copy it?! that would be too stupid, don´t ya think?! andY
  7. that was a very old prototype. it was me u saw. drop him a mail if u wanna have more info on the latest modifications. andY
  8. andi was at ITW the same weekend, when the "stane brithday big way" happened. he used his old prototype of the trigger, cuz the new and modified version he made was sent to a customer. i think elamarillo can say a bit more about the suit, they did a few 2 ways and he also got very nice footage. andY
  9. yes, it´s a shitty job indeed. when my friend died last year (#101), i provided all information a week later to nick, including a pic. it was first hand information, cuz i was the only one with him up there. until yet, you can read an "internet translation" for what happened. i asked nick several times by mail, why he doesn´t use my information and pic and he answered he will fix that. is that a good job?! i´m pissed cuz of this and sorry for getting OT in this thread, but if there´s a list, it should be as good as possible what means to use right and proper information! andY
  10. sorry for my missunderstanding before.... condonlences to his family and friends... fly free! andY
  11. are you talking about jimmy halliday?! please more details or confirmation if true... please don´t let this be true.... andY
  12. no troubles with the website! it was not planed to launch the new website now, cuz it´s not ready. it was @nline for testing only. andi took it off until the new homepage is finished. if you have any questions about the new trigger wingsuit, ask him: [email protected] DRU
  13. meet ya tomorrow evening or sat morning! andY
  14. portillo


    DW is my "backyard" cliff and i live 15min away from it. there´s a lot of jumping activity at DW and i wonder many times, why people don´t get in touch with us. some do, but i think most of the newbies don´t. when i heard about this stupid su****, i got really angry. is it really that difficult, to keep the few simple rules in mind?! andY *pissed2*
  15. [email protected] let me knwo which jump you mean! a.