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  1. I think the list should always be there, this is a great tool to understand what are you gettint into, I took me a long time to find out if I wanted to base or not, and the list helped me understand the facts about who and why base jumpers die. I done my first skydive with Jimmy and I went to him for advise on base, and I got my first rig from him too, I'm happy to have started base and hope to continue for as long as I live. if/when I die, (cuz we all will) I hope to be on the list and that my death will help other understand the meaning of the life we chose to live. It is not that we jump to die I jump to feel alive every day!!! Jimmy Hall I will miss you lots bro.
  2. Fatal acc in the artic... I wish thi was a joke,,, Jimmy Hall... f#k!!!! I dont post stuff often but this is big... I'm sure more details will come later...
  3. keep your panties on girls, helmet or not is your choice, yes a helmet will help if you got a off heading and hit, but if you know how to fly the damn thing you might be ok, so note to self... don't hit the shut up and jump...
  4. whatever... I guess we will all learn from it one way or another, can someone post a video of it, so we can all make our own analisis of it?? i hope this is not rude, but if i ever go in a will totally be ok with every one in the whole wide world to see it... so life goes on, we all know this is a fkin dangerous sht to do, so just like any other sport you got to learn the new trick or just step off to the side and watch the other cool kids play.
  5. abby


    run for the border dude!!!
  6. what ever happen to"the land of the free" No way anyone is ever going to charge for jumping off the bridge, that is retarded. if they charge anything means they will be liable for anything that would happen while jumping, (like broken bones and death) And if there is a fee to jump off who will enforce it? Tom? Honor system? What will happen if you jump and don't pay? Will you get banned for a day, a week, for ever? we might have to start jumpimg off in disguse? that will be fun. i will find a new use for all my fake ids... I'm sure you boys and gilrs in tf will make some good news in the paper and all this will just go away,(i hope) cuz is just a good place to jump.
  7. try jumping all the sites you already done during the day while wearing your b-day suit! make sure someone calls the cops so you can outrun them as well. that will get some fun back onto your game...and maybe even better make sure you can have an scape route that involves another base jump!! just a though.
  8. abby

    pc wear and tear

    thank you for all the advise. i guess i'll just won't duck tape my pc no more...just kiidding
  9. abby

    pc wear and tear

    thank you for all the advise, I like the one that reads retire the pc one jump before it fails! cya!
  10. abby

    pc wear and tear

    how about porosity test?
  11. abby

    pc wear and tear

    how many jumps is a pc good for? if you are not jumping your rig often will you leave your pc packed away on the boc? for how long?
  12. about some cooking recepies...
  13. Hi im in australia, someone told me you are the one to talk to ...