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  1. im sure PF will do at least a ltl something to add a ltl giddeee up to their TS cuz like u said its been a long time to leave it the same. got a good pm about the pressurized tracking suits and im leaning that way right now.
  2. Iv looked around and havent found much for opinions or advice on the Pressurized tracking suit. Does anybody know the guys there? I'm close to ordering a tracking suit from PF or them and really wana make a more educated decision on this before pulling the trigger on one or the other. thanks for any help and everybody have fun and safe jumps!
  3. one last post... im sorry for the cpl of trolling posts but i thought this was a game. everybody seemed to be having a good time talkin funky and running their mouths. and as far as bets go i'd be willing to put up 100 bucks that none of the smartasses would talk that crazy to my face! but anyways back to the topic... my suit will be here tomoro it looks like. and i hope if i go in i take out alot of you PusSIes bIG and yall burn in too :) hope the cool ones on here have a great weekend of jumps and fun and hope the dickwads get killed by a wreckless suicide mission rookie on your loads :) cheers guys
  4. i have a troll canopy in my base rig (oh no i shouldnt have said that because i dont have enough skydives to base jump either!!!) but i dont really know what yall mean by "troll"??? and i hope you die too :) and burn
  5. HOLY CRAP I'V BEEN TELLING PEOPLE THAT FOR YEARS!!!!!!! after all i'm a huge ego maniac and get on here all the time for attention and am hoping to splatter one day either base jumping (which is all for attention too) or flying a way tooo advanced wingsuit (also for attention only) just besause i'm wreckless as hell and hoping everybody is talking about me. sense my smartassness??? i hope so :)
  6. i respect and appreciate all those who are concerned and are trying to give advice and help out... however theres a huge difference between that and some of the smartass comments going up. i dont disrespect people and dont tolerate uncalled for disrespect to me very well. i think its pretty funny though that some people have such pathetic lifes that they actually go back and research old posts of somebody's to try and bag on them! those are the kind of dickwads who have wifes bangin the UPS man at their home and in their bed while they'r at work LOL! i mean seriously get a Fing life! people have tried bashin me at a few different sports over the years and its been my pleasure on many ocassions to shut them up and i can only hope those folks learned to keep their cockholesters shut the next time they wanted to mouth off for what would be absolutely no reason. anyways its humerous and sad at the same time. maybe its like some kind of little dick syndrome or trying to make up for a crappy marriage cause they'r douche bags or who knows why. it seems like im the only one on any of the forums that will throw poo back at the mindless monkeys flingin poo at me. regaurdless its not going to transform me into that kind of assclown. i still hope everybody has great jumps this year and plenty of money to do so and plenty of good weather (with the exception of hail storms which i need as much as i need oxygen) and hope everybody lands safe and happy!!! appreciate skydiving and all else cuz we'r very fortunate and blessed to be able to experience it :) cheers!
  7. Also not very active or current...;#2517011 Maybe find something better to do with your time. What exactly have you accomplished? Nothing! Good job genius! My suit is done and should be at my house next week btw. Still love all you haters! Keep me on blast... its funny as hell and soo much like a pissy ass ltl junior high school girl :p Post from 2006 with 25 jumps, so 100 jumps in 5 years... Your either the worlds biggest moron or a troll. Good luck. Hope Robi sees this and loses your order (if thats not what already happened!!!)
  8. Life happens. Im going to live mine at my pace. Il never try to influence anybodyelses decisions or pace because I know nothing. I can only believe and think. I challenge all that are judging to think about that. But unfortantely its highly probable your incapable and thus the reason you think and feel and express yourself the way you do. Oh well :) my life is awesome and I hope everybody on here has tons of money to jump and has tons of safe, fun, and appreciated jumps! Blue skies to all and feel free to keep me on blast cuz il be using my energy on climbing another tower or repacking or working or playing with my ltl girl or something productive :D
  9. Exceptions to rules.... I AM THE EXCEPTION SIR :) 1.17 wingloading since 10 jumps. sit flying since 20. S3 wingsuit since around 65. Im just wreckless and on a suicide mission really. Lol!
  10. I am in NO WAY upset with PF! Iv been in contact with Robi and he's awesome! It is DEFINITELY my dealer. Im just super excited to see it and fly it and maybe cuddle it a bit afterwards lol! And yes I only have around 125 jumps now. PM any comments or concerns or lectures about that if ya don't mind :)
  11. FML!!!!!! i prepayed and preordered mine in november dam it and still dont effin have it!!!!!! GGGRRRRRRR!!!!!!
  12. They do NOT bs about altitude! Fastest plane anywhere, awesome pilot, insane hangar with ac and heat and its CLEAN, great landing area, nice clean bathrooms and showers! Dam it I wish it was closer to home!
  13. congrats dude thats awesome and inspirational to me!!! my ltl girls 1st bday is 2moro! i'v got awhile to go but i'l be taking her pretty soon to the dz for the 1st time. and btw your daughter is very pretty so i def think the pepper spray and tazer is a good idea! maybe get her into an MMA class or 2! lol!
  14. alright just for the people who have this in the future and research it at all. got my appendix out sat night and was feeling pretty good within 3 days. i still got cramps here and there but minor. had a ltl fever and sickly feeling the 4th day (due to the appendicitis not the surgery according to surgeon). 7 days after surgery i did 4 jumps. 1 freefly and 3 wingsuit jumps. no pain jumping or landing. came in hot and ran one just to see about the running and slightly harder impact and was still fine. packing did suck however! sumthin about laying on the canopy pushed a spot down there and was pretty uncomfortable. the 3rd wingsuit jump was a 3 way with my 2 buddies in wingsuits and was one of the most incredible jumps i'v had to date!!!! sky was beautiful and the jump went well!!! if anybody gets it done feel free to pm me for any ?s. other than that i'l say blue sky and beautiful white cloud towers to everybody and enjoy the gift of skydiving!
  15. mr McSwervy yet another good post like i was hoping to get from the get go. good suggestion and after the first part u didnt sound like a dick. as for the "f everybody except me" part i can assure u thats 180 from who i am! i'm more just "f people from here who dont know me and are trying to judge me". i doubt anybody from my dz will ground me after i offer a physical fitness test before i suit up cuz nobody will be able to keep up. well maybe my one friend but i'd say thats it. off to work and then off to the dz. i'l post sundays details on here for everybody to enjoy.