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  1. Thanks Bro! The Key to learning is knowledge!!!
  2. Not to be a 'tard' but what are you all talking about when you mention EIS or OIS? I am a REALLY NOVICE camera guy and I have been playing around with my X-mas present a rebel XTi. I just want to make sure I am following the conversation properly. later, joe......................................
  3. I clicked on it to order and it said "April Fool's"
  4. I am sooooo buying a Wii (Wii) now!
  5. I wholeheartedly agree I have heard cats get eviscerated in farm equipment with more grace and tone
  6. :6: I made 6 total: one on Friday, 5 on Saturday. Had fun jumping with all the folks at Kapowsin (again)! Thanks to the Mitchells, Krisanne, Gus, Little John, Doc and Cindy! I do apologize for not introducing myself to Cindy and Doc but it was fun nonetheless!!
  7. It used to be only about 5 mins when I was in NC but since I have moved to Wa it is now a 30-40 min trip one-way
  8. a 20lb propane bottle and a torch
  9. THAT IS SO COOL!!! So my next question is why isn't this a popular formatting medium for skydiving? I bet something like this would catch on for pulling stills on tandems or the like
  10. Right on. With the picture it makes sense! I wish I could be that creative in my thinking.... Thanks guys!
  11. So I was on Ebay looking for conversion rings to mount a wide angle lens on my camcorder and I came across adapters to mounts cameras lenses on bodies backwards. Has anyone her ever heard of this or know the reasoning behind it? I am genuinely curious as to why you would do that. thanks!!
  12. My favorite was the "cat yodeling" I miss my kitties....
  13. Couldn't tell you who it was that took it out but watching Cheeto's (sp?) face as he 'gave the sacrifice' was priceless!
  14. 0:5:0 Was going to try and go out on Sunday but clouds and 'house things got in the way. Thanks for the jumps John and Valinda!!
  15. PC lesson #1: All Caps on the internet is interpreted as YELLING! (get it?) #2: The list would be shorter if you ask which dz's do not have camping, bunkhouses, and showers as most of them have those facilities. #3: Answer Quit being so pickey and ancer his question. Okay Smarta$$: Lodi, CA Skydive AZ-Eloy, AZ MileHi-Longmont, CO Skydive Chicago-Ottawa,IL GoldCoast-Lumberton,MS EmeraldCoast-Elberta,AL SkydiveAtlanta-Thomaston,GA SkydiveTheFarm-Rockmart,GA Palatka,FL AirAdventures-Clewiston,FL Skydive Sebastian-FL Skydive City-Zephyrhills,FL Skydive Deland-FL Florida Skydiving-Lake WalesFL Carolina Skysports-NC Skydive Carolinas-Chester SC Jumptown-Orange,MA Skydive Elsinore, CA RPC- Raeford, NC Added one.