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  1. Thank You for your help Sean
  2. Is there a list of all the Wind Tunnels and there address?
  3. Who has the Biggest Wind Tunnel in the USA I am looking for one to do some filming in Sean
  4. I was there I can prove it I have pictures the Open Packing ares has a A frame roof Red Block lettering two lines SKYDIVE on top line PASLATKA on bottom line with a canopy swooping on the right side only did I asked abut camping and got no reply
  5. My Vacation trip driving to all the Skydiving drop zones in Florida. First I want to say thank you to all the drop zones I had a good Vacation. Drop Zones Visited 15 What I liked and disliked I rated in many different categories. Here are my top picks. The first Place the Award is to Z-Hills as my Favorite Drop zone…..funny since it was a place I was not sure I wanted to go to in the beginning. I could not find anything wrong with this drop zone. A very close second place Award is to Sebastian a very impressive view from the Air while skydiving. This drop zone has every thing you need Third Place Award is to Deland not as friendly but very professional operated drop zone. what I disliked most was the bathrooms very dirty and the showers had very little water pressure. Everything else is very good Forth place went to Palatka a fun drop zone but no camping or showers Items lost on my trip watch, 1- Chin strap from my helmet. 2- sun glasses. 1- Alt, 7 tent stakes, 1 mini DVD tape with video of many drop zones I visited…over all not bad I since I went to so many places in Florida. Thank to all of you who made my trip so much fun! Sean
  7. I am traveling dropzone to dropzone hoping to make some friends I am going to jump 15 dropzones in 30 days I want to make new friends any one willing to jump with me in florida will be in meny dropzones in april
  8. camp out the bunk house was hot as hell lase augest
  9. Thank You I liked It a lot
  10. You are looking for Canopies that are still in flight in Google Earth
  11. I have found 17 canopies in Flight over dropzones on Google Earth. See if you can find them maybe others here is your first clue DELAND dropzone has a yellow canopie landing on final Ck out your favorate dropzones to see if there are canopies in flight when the photo was taked You are looking in Google Earth for Canopies that are in Flight when the photo was taken
  12. I am also going to florida in april going to drive dropzone to dropzone plan to spend a day or two at each one what are your plans
  13. Stacy whay do you have planed at Z Hills for April? I am comming to florida I want to meet new skydivers and will be driving dropzone to dropzone durring april I am from california Thanks Sean email me at [email protected]
  14. I would like to start a jump team northern CA I have access to a Skytruck for the summer to get us to altatude looking for a pilot for this aircraft as well there are a few other problums to work out what jump location we use and the the skytruck is only available for a short time