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  1. Re-posted... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp0wmNoe6ic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxEcVoEZdVs --Shane Shane
  2. I am flying into George Bush (IAH) at 9:30am on Sunday, Oct 11 and I need to be at Spaceland ASAP for some warm-up jumps before the competition starts on Monday. If you can offer a ride, I'll cover gas and buy you a beer. Thanks! Shane
  3. Looking to join a 4way FS team as video at Nationals. All jumps will have 2 video cameras, and team will be provided with an edited DVD and .mp4 of all jumps at the end of the competition. Contact Shane Migliore at (505) 301-4506 or [email protected]. Shane
  4. Don't hate on my mad acting skills! Shane
  5. Updated links... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6075652443880467365 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5979072227420503131 Shane
  6. I'm heading to Eloy March 27-30 to catch up on some much needed turbine jumps, and I'd like to find out how the bunkhouse is. Is it decent or should I bring a tent and camp out? Shane
  7. It sounds like this thread has additional (very tragic) info: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2945860;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread Shane
  8. It's a pretty nice looking color. Here's a pic from this weekend... Shane
  9. I have lurked Deland Fire and what we agree upon (and it worked well) is to simply start tracking 1000ft before breakoff and track hard all the way until their pull altitude. No 4-way team member wants to try to locate a 5th person before choosing their tracking direction, so you simply remove yourself from the skydive before they have to. Shane
  10. Just to keep this on track and not turn into a discussion of either the benefits/drawbacks of linear editing or a Mac vs. PC debate... Do you use Vegas or FinalCut for linear editing? I know they are great in the non-linear world but I was hoping somebody was in the know as to whether they can be used linearly. Thanks. Shane
  11. I agree that a nonlinear edited video can be made to a very high quality standard, but mailing videos/pics is not an option at the places I work. Plus I get some satisfaction when they get to watch the video with their family/friends before they leave. Shane
  12. I have been borrowing the use of a linear editing station for a while (I work occasionally on weekends), and I'm trying to get self sufficient. I have a nice MacBook Pro that I have setup to do pictures and an nice set-top DVD burner. I would really like to keep my entire setup pretty portable, so I'd like to do my editing on the laptop, but I am well aware that nonlinear editing and burning DVDs on a laptop is a killer if you're trying to make 20 min calls. My thought is to connect both the camcorder and the DVD recorder to the laptop and to use a program (maybe FinalCut or AVIDFreeDV) to do linear editing on the laptop. Basically, I just want the laptop to act as the titler, sound board, and monitor so I don't have to deal with the other pieces of hardware (plus connections). I'm positive this is physically possible, but I'm not sure if this software (or other packages) will do what I need. Any thoughts or suggestions? Shane
  13. Starting a few days ago, every time I try to use the locator by entering a city and state, I get: "We're sorry, an error has occured. Please try again later." Any ideas? Shane
  14. Search. This topic has been discussed several times for the 350D. Shane
  15. I wondered about that too. If the open container was forcing the plane to land, why would a flaps-up situation change the risk an open door posed. As a PIC, do you think it would have been better to take your chances with a higher speed landing on a short runway than risk losing the plane and/or people? Shane