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  1. B12=old jumpers Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  2. Thats 3 more jumps and some beer my plan is cheaper Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  3. Problem solve after two years of any new plan. Always have two suscide notes one in your jump suit and one in your car with some reason why u killed yourself skydiving because your unhappy Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  4. My sabre 190 before i made a bigger slider for it was craccking open in 300 feet at 120 it was killing me. Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  5. Might you also use the site to determine that there isn't a reasonable case? I've received several calls from lawyers who got my name from this site. In each case they had a client who wanted to bring an action against a drop zone. They identified me from the drop zone site, and choose me as a contact because of my reasoned posts and credentials. They called me to help them better understand the sport, and to help them determine if there was a argument that would carry the case. If the case was weak the lawyer would choose to decline the business, rather than spend hours and dollars on contingency. Of the cases I've been asked about, all but one were very weak, and the phone conversation was enough to convince the lawyer to decline the job. The only incident that I thought had merit was probably handled by another expert. So yes, lawyers do use the site as part of their research, and that isn't all bad. Tom why dont you tell us how you talk to lawyers and tried to be that guy trying to put a dropzone and dzo owner out of business who has done so much for the sport which you even did your training at. Dont you think we went through enough.We must be so lucky having you in this sport. Dont worry skydivers if things go wrong Tom will be there in court to make sure you pay!!!!!!!! Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  6. QuoteI read the whole thing a couple days ago, just didn't feel like posting. I read the whole thing in a couple of days you meant. Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  7. Ok still have job. Hes not sure if he is going to tell the VPs. Which sucks for me because I would like to do this more often for my company and other stores. Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  8. I should because it went perfect. The customers and little kids love it. It was hard for the upper management to put there name to it because of something going wrong. I think my boss did the right thing. He didn't say no. And thats the important part. Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  9. I was legal by the FAA. I had all my paper work. We couldn't get a straight answer from the legal dept from Home Depot. Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  10. we had other things going on that day. I was just the icing on the cake. Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  11. well thank you. Just did the jump. I was three feet off center of the X. My store manager emailed the legal dept. and they never got back to us. I was off the last two days and he was off today. So no no meant yes to me. I hope I have a job still. It went off perfect even though the winds were gusting to 22 and the ceiling was low. Thanks for the help and the no help too. Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  12. I just took a D lic. friend with 1500 jumps out to last week who took 6 years off. He was fine. Why pay someone $200 to hold your hand who might have less experience then you. Do some reading to get current with whats new and whats still old, a lot of practice handles and dirt dive your brain off. Everything else is like riding a bike. Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  13. So i recalled the uspa and talk to Jim again! He must of read the post or someone talked to him about the post. He was a little more helpfull but still there is no info for demos (mystery phanflets). If we need to promote our sport the uspa should have something! Espically if they exist at one time. His solution to me was if they have questions then he can give me answers. I will keep you updated. I would like to thank my fellow jumpers who have helped me so far. Blu skies!!!!!!!! Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  14. Please fellow jumpers lets get back on track. Yes I have poor grammar. Yes it it a AAD. Sorry for my shortcomings. My screen name is a skydiving nickname for cracking my head open 10 years ago. Thats why I'm not a crackhead because it healed. I'm a recovered crackhead. HA HA funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a joke people you are skydivers right? For help on my local Dz, your looking at him We had the guy who jumped out of the plane this summer without shute because he wanted to kill himself.Please dont start talking about that in this post too. Lets keep it on tracking on how all of you can help me help us. Yes my store Manager wants the jump. He needs to sell it to his vp of the region. I need to get as much info in his hand to sell him on this jump. Last, the Uspa was a waste of a phone call. NEED HELP PLEASE? THANK YOU FOR THE JUMPERS WHO ARE GIVING POSITIVE INFO. BLUE SKYIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Track high, Pull LOW!!!
  15. I'm a D license jumper with almost 900 jumps and been in the the sport for 15 years. I have close to about 75 demo jumps... 1 Belmont NY race track in 98 (80 thousand people,ESPN) 20 Lake George jumps 15 Harley Rondezvous 15 Concert jumps 25 at least backyard parties I have a cypress! I have my FAA waiver! I'm legally good to go. I called USPA for information about promoting our sport. I wanted USPA to forward me information on safety, demonstration jumps, training, etc. in hopes of educating non-skydivers about our sport. They were not helpful and offered me nothing. The person I spoke with was not even in the sport. (Let me save that for another post thread.) I have FAA approval to jump into Family Day at Home Depot, where I work. What kind of information should I have available for people? So far I thought of... 1. Building a skydiving resume of myself 2. Requirements for a D license/experience skydiver 3. What an ADD cypress is This is not just for my glory but giving back and making people feel good about during shit times. On this day, which is also our kids workshop, I have organized... 1. Local bike police to promote bike safety 2. Finger printing 3. Smoke house (fire safety) 4. Ambulance 5. Pink panther, Behr Bear, Homer from Home depot Characters. So I need more ideas on how to sell myself and our sport of skydiving to Home depot VPS which are people who think I'm going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and go splat into the parking lot. Please help me help us. Track high, Pull LOW!!!