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  1. So many times he joined us for the Harvest Moon Boogie. My prayers to his daughter and family. Blue Skies Rev.
  2. That jump was from 240 feet... One of a kind...
  3. Happy Birthday here too!!! And yes, it is still from the east coast!
  4. Just FYI... I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Nation Championship Class of 2010, and proud to be a cock! Skymama, wanna celebrate???
  5. interesting fact: You can take all of the letters in the word, "Mother-in-law" and change them around and it will spell... Woman Hitler fact...
  6. It is a new plant. They are filling everything from floor sweepers to engineers... Reports say 1500 employees...but that sounds like a lot to me. Building 787 Dreamliners... 5 right, cut!!!!!!
  7. They are opening a new plant in Charleston, SC and I am looking for some inside help...
  8. Maybe this should be a sticky... *** Then nobody will see it. At the same time, maybe we should move it to SC and have it analyzed for correctness.
  9. Thanks for all the congrats folks...I kinda feel special. Not only did I graduate, but I was quasi hijacked by turtlespeed!!
  10. The stage at the University of South Carolina and receive my Degree in Psychology. 4 years, straight through... I will graduate Magna Cum Laude, and was actually voted "Outstanding Student of the Year, 2010 (for the regional campus). Not to shabby for an old man! At least that is what I think...
  11. I am salivating just to hear the responses...
  12. no line was crossed and I scored, and so can you. If everybody did it, they wouldn't be able to sell such crap and we wouldn't have to buy it as often. Get a backbone people! *** I have a backbone. I also have at least some character and responsibility to society. Your actions are at best disturbing. Taking advantage of a policy in this way is one of the reasons we have problems in the country with costs. At least I know how you feel and think. I have been warned. I thank you for that. I agree, you have class, it is just where that level of class is measured. Sad...
  13. I remeber I did 6 on student status. Got rained out before my first freefall, so had to wait until the next weekend. After that, when I began teaching the JmCC and the ICC, I would do live S/L jumps with the candidates. I used the canopy time to listen to those on the radio. I also had some real fun with those guys and gals!!!!
  14. What guy wouldn't want to be a beaver licker? *** I can't believe you missed this... http://ww2.cox.com/myconnection/greaterlouisiana/today/news/strange/article.cox?moduleType=apNews&articleId=D9E9UL484
  15. I'm so jealous. I'm gearing up for the $400 monthly bills starting in a couple of months to run the pool and the a/c. And I have an Energy Star house. *** Yeah, and mine goes around $550 a month in Aug and Sept. Same things, big house, big pool...you gotta pay to play... One of those things seems to be all of the folks that come by to say hey and they happened to bring their swimsuits, but don't bring a towel... I love for you to come swim and enjoy the pool, but come on, just bring your own towel, so I don't have to wash two more loads of laundry today!!! Oh, and bring your alcohol too...ya'll drink me dry and leave... Ok...back to the elec bills...
  16. But now it does sound too good to be true. *** It doesn't really matter Billy. The best ever real life funny story was the two-eyed Phil story...
  17. Yes they should. *** Seen on front of shirt: "God is dead", Nietzsche Seen on back of shirt: "Nietzsche is dead", God I know which one I believe...
  18. To really form an opinion I need to here what the President thinks and what the conclusions of a congressioal hearings are. Surely a law must be passed. *** Well, until we get Health Care passed, things like this will continue to happen! It is obviously the fault of the Bush Administration and the very fact the the right winged extremist and Tea Party extremist have bashed the current administration with falsehoods concerning overspending and trillion dollar deficits!!!
  19. I wish I could help you here, but I am in no real position to do it. At the same time, Skymama did use a key term and you and all involved could benefit from implementing it into your lives, "expectations". You are each allowed to have your expectations. You are each allowed to outline these expectations. The parent, the adult, has to be smart enough to compromise when it is ok and to provide structure when it is not ok to compromise. These teenagers want boundaries, they want to be safe, they want to be successful, but the adult has to provide the pathway. For all of those who have posted here and said it "will" get worse, I just hope that you recognize that it doesn't have too. Getting worse is normally caused by lack of structure, lack of proper response. While there are occasions where medical help (i.e. medication) is a benefit, it is not nearly as often as one would like to say. All too often today, society takes the easy street and medicates a young person rather than learn the techniques that will be required to shape desired behaviors. Again, there are times when medicine is a necessity. For those who are firm in their beliefs that it is all hormonal and a part of life, Again I ask that you check your sources. Reality TV is for the most part anything but. Much of today's music encourages certain behaviors. TV shows continually show lives that are great, in complete turmoil, and great again, all fixed inside of 44 minutes (including the 16 minutes of commercials which tell them how to have safe sex at a young age, what music to listen to, and exactly how many high energy drinks they need to slam to get through the day). Structure, diet, and exercise are important. The ability to communicate and the desire to have this communication is just as important. I want to repeat this as it is the point of this post; "If you think it "will" get worse, you are probably right, but only because you are a contributor, if you think it "has" to get worse, then you are right, but mostly because you believed it. If you believe that it can be better, if you believe that you as the parent, as the adult can provide a fair, balanced structure, then seek out the guidance of professionals, and learn how a happy, structured, safe environment can be provided for your teenager. It can and it DOES HAPPEN! Wishing you much success.
  20. No troubles...could be the pilot had a heart attack or terrorism...too early to tell without any real facts. *** I agree, I was simply passing on what the NTSB is reporting. They also just reported that it is a Cherokee 140.
  21. The news is now reporting that is was an intentional act. They are saying it is an IRS building, and just prior to going to the airport, the pilot set his own house on fire and then went to the plane, took off and flew it into the building...
  22. A small plane has crashed into a building in Austin TX. There are no real reports yet as to fatalities and/or injuries. The initial reports are they do not suspect terrorism.
  23. Taylor610


    What is this snow you speak of???
  24. Absolutely, She would probably be a fun person to hang out with. The media does what it does, but the question was, "hang out" and that in my mind would indicate a little different setting than that of political platforms. I imagine she has a good sense of humor and would probably be a fun person to just "hang out" with.