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  1. What happened to Jo Weber "Skyjack71"
  2. You don't like my posting. I don't like your postings. Boom ! Were even.
  3. Your post is out of line
  4. Was here one Day. Got him re qualified. His lovely wife made a tandem. All was good. Then read his review for Skydive Greene County. :) Not that bad of a review but was written by someone who reacted but never ask or tried to become knowledgeable about our operation UM, Experienced jumpers were off to Idaho base jumping :) Door was off the turbine beech being replaced that day- Never asked questions about anything. Very nice Couple. Then he is off to another DZ..
  5. Skydive Greene County in Xenia, Ohio for 55 years. Always has been and will continue to be a family oriented and kid drop zone family. Sorry we love dogs, but not allowed.
  6. What area of the country? And what country?
  7. Yep, Spence we do. We have done so "forever" They are all well behaved because they are SGC jumpers :) And I, Lee West, with a little help would kick ass if they acted up in our home. Come see us Spence, but you have to behave posted by Lee West, not JimQuote
  8. For once, maybe twice we agree with you and Quade :) Dumb and Dumber for sure!!!! Lee & Jim
  9. Agreed with you for once :) We have 100% American workers. Hard to come by, but we manage. You are right. It is illegal to hire undocumented workers. How to skydiving centers get away with it? We are not planning on hiring them, all of our ads say "must be legal to work in the US".
  10. He sure was one of the good ones. Sorry for the loss to all of us who knew him