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  1. Drones are getting very sophisticated with computer software, and can fly pre-programmed patterns based upon GPS waypoints. So, it will know the GPS address of the package delivery, and all it has to do is note wind direction, wind speed and altitude and calculate wind drift. Then adjust the GPS point accordingly. Besides, they'll be dropping from very low altitude, and there won't be much drift. I can see it happening! I can also see the neighborhood kids following the parachute down and stealing the package...
  2. So we should eliminate first class seating in all airplanes?
  3. That's the character upon which it is based. And then from there, I think the idea was that a Mr. Bill jump was so dangerous that it was bound to end in calamity, and someone would be crushed or dismembered just like Mr. Bill.
  4. I cut everything up to bite-size in preparation before putting in the bowl. That way I can eat without having to use a knife to cut things up as I eat. Before eating, I mix everything up so that there are no more layers - just evenly jumbled ingredients. That way every fork-full has a mixture of many different things. You forgot turkey. Cheese should include both cheddar and Swiss. Dressings: Thousand Island, French, Catalina.
  5. I don't recommend reducing your hand dexterity. Bad idea! You need your fingers to work with things. Especially in emergencies. You won't have time to take your gloves off first. Furthermore, these webbed gloves are often made out of a slick fabric, that makes it hard to grip strongly on a cut-away handle without slipping off when you pull. I know, I had it happen to me. I threw the webbed gloves away after that.
  6. Tortilla fights in Mexican restaurants at a large group meal - flinging them at each other like frisbees. There were more than a few collateral casualties of non-skydiving patrons.
  7. Is going into deep brakes to slow forward speed and allow sink, no longer considered a good technique to shorten an overly long final?
  8. We all love this sport so much we want to go out of our way to help everyone else experience it too. But sometimes, we should learn to just say; "No".
  9. I don't even like listening to those video ads on the gas pumps while I'm filling my tank... I've tried pushing all the buttons hoping for a "mute" function, but can't one... Has any human on the planet actually bought something because of a video ad on a gas pump?
  10. Found these: Looks like a C-206.
  11. What I need is a camera helmet with which I can take selfies while under my parachute, add text, and post to Instagram. Can you do that?