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    Video and telemetry

    Hey guys, Trying to get useable telemetric data out of a skydive and onto video. The Gopro hero 7 black and their quik software kinda does the trick but i've found the data to be grossly inaccurate. I 'did' power the camera on not long before exit so i probably didn't get a good gps signal lock on. I'm going to try ensuring a better gps lock and compare results. Does anyone have experience with this or other hardware for this purpose? I know of the flysight, but unsure how to turn that into useable data to overlay onto a video. I found a software set, http://racerender.com/ that does a neat job for things like drones and cars with ODBII sensors. If anyone's got experience or thoughts, would love to chat about it, Thanks!
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    Dekunu One altimeter... Any reviews on this??

    Has anyone bought, used, reviewed this since the release? I'm still pretty excited to find out about it.
  3. I'm at 119 jumps so I'm not an expert by any means, but I do have some experience. It's my understanding that not flaring until ~10 feet is good practice. It was explained to me like this: Your flare is your brakes. What gives you power to flare is forward speed. If you come in a 2 or 3 stage flare, or half brakes until you finish your flare, you're giving up some of that forward speed early and your flare will be less effective. I've seen a handful of jumps where AFF instructor says FLARE and there's a 1 or 2 second delay while the student brain registers and then flares. Then they get on the ground and said "I flared when you said to". Maybe this happened with you? I've repeatedly seen students swear up and down that they flared all the way down, but then when we watch the video it's quite clear that their 'full flare' was actually half or 3/4 brakes. Last piece of advice I can give is go to your local DZ, review the video with multiple AFF instructors. really pay attention to when you started your flare, what position your legs were in, and how completely you flared.
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    Check in dive for A license

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    Ungraceful exit

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    AFF exit