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  1. http://topgunbase.ws/angle-of-attack-for-dummies/
  2. Heat

    Tonysuit Hög

    Yeah, I just saw that. Starting a new company?
  3. Heat

    Tonysuit Hög

    Just noticed the Hög and Pelican are no longer on Tonysuits website. Is something new in the works?
  4. Heat

    Tonysuit Hög

    This is very interesting. I wish TS would at least make an effort to better describe and differentiate their suits. The Pelican as you describe is not at all what I thought, but I'm quite impressed. Appreciate the reply!
  5. Heat

    Tonysuit Hög

    Bumping this thread.
  6. I think everyone is missing THE most important thing here: what color is your suit going to be?!
  7. Heat

    Tonysuit Hög

    Appreciate the input! Please tell us more about the Pelican when you can!
  8. Heat

    Tonysuit Hög

    I don't think the two are mutually exclusive
  9. I would like to hear about your experience with the Hög. Not much info available online, and Tonysuits website is dogshit. What do you like/not like about the suit? What options do you have (storage pockets, soles, hook knife etc)? How does it compare to the Freak-series/the Strix-series if you have any experience with those suits? Cheers, Magnus
  10. Read the manual. You can find it on their website :)
  11. This just goes to show how different people feel about different suits. For me, the pull on my Aura1 is so clean and easy. On my Freak1 it´s a bit more technical. Not hard, but quite different.
  12. Still got nothing on Antoine
  13. Would be cool to see that thing in the air! That's huge!
  14. Don't hate on the haters doc!! Half the fun of wingsuiting is the brand war!
  15. So far in this thread I count two happy fliers and one disappointed one But quick, email Robert and yell at him for putting out the Sukhoi2 soon! And while you're at it, write an angry email to Matt and Mike for making the Aura 3!! They have obviously been screwing us over with the two previous models, how dare they! Or you could go skydiving instead, I think you need it
  16. A lot of people "trust" Squirrel gear out there Thank god every manufacturer keeps putting out new models and develop better gear! Doesn't take a genius to figure out we as users and customers are better of that way!
  17. I had the pleasure of jumping a regular Pilot ZPX this fall and I really enjoyed every aspect of it. It was also sweet to pack! I hope to get my hands on the 7 and do some jumps on one next year :)