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  1. Are there any docs for it's innards (or would you leak some to me?) I'm working on a HUD project and I need an altimiter that I can read from gpio. Can always just tap your 8 segment I guess.
  2. I've jumped with Aiden and seen his Magellen. He still raves about it, I think he just bought a smaller one. Haven't flown the wing, but can vouch for the fact that it didn't kill him on the 4way we did.
  3. For anyone else who finds this threat- FSC Südpfalz were awesome.
  4. Does anyone have a picture of flipped 3 rings? I'm not sure I understand how this happens during packing. I could understand it more if it was during reassembly after a chop?
  5. Sorry to bump this thread, but I'll actually be in Heidelberg next week. Does anyone have dropzone suggestions, or even better want to jump with me? :)
  6. I made 4 jumps in Taupo late last year. If you'll be in the area, give Geoff Mundy a call (pm me for details if you can't find em). It's a tandem factory for sure, but sport jumpers get a pretty decent run and the scenery is amazing. Tracking out over the bay in a 3 way, getting open and floating back home under canopy was bliss.
  7. So I caught up with a friend of mine who hasn't jumped in >1 year who told me that I should check out skydance. I'm in the same boat- not even thinking about other dropzones till I get my A. Would be really keen to check out skydance after that. I really like byron- I'm super biased, but everyone was really nice to me when I went out for my first tandem and was seriously freaking out. If anything, it's a little confronting that everyone is super experienced, it doesn't feel like there are many students out there, but given that I have no context for other DZ's I really like byron.
  8. I did! Yesterday morning I finished my AFF, and snuck in 3 solo jumps later that day. Now I just have to get through another week so I can go again.
  9. hey all, I'm a new skydiver. I finished my D1 last weekend, planning to hopefully finish my AFF this weekend(!). Most relevantly, if anyone lives in SF and wants to carpool to byron, I'm planning to drive out there every weekend I'm not travelling for the foreseeable future. Feel free to DM me if you're interested (including for tomorrow and sunday). Blue skies! richo