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  1. I have fluid RDSs on both of my VKs as well as my HK. My vk sliders don't have the snaps, but tbh the openings are great, terminal and subterminal on a VK 79 on 500OV and my 75 on 300 OV. Snaps would probably be better than no snaps, but in the 500 jumps I've put on my valkyries with no snaps I've had nothing but great openings.
  2. Can't speak to mfgr but all of my bags are attached with reserve slinks. The flipside is that nearly all of my bags are VSE stowless, which have the triangle, so in theory if the bag pulls through it still wouldn't go all the way down, but I've never had an issue (about 1500 jumps on this setup across a bunch of bags and bridles)
  3. This is pretty willfully naive. From everything I've seen, being trans fucking sucks. Suggesting that people would put themselves through that hell for a record is absurd.
  4. What's your opinion on the Snatch (And SkySnatch) ?
  5. OK, how did it get stuck? On clothing? Thanks everyone else for the responses. It has a little fabric flap that runs under the zip, I think to attempt to seal the arm better. I think it got caught up in the zip.
  6. I had one on my second WS jump in a P2. I believe that PF have updated the design to make it less likely since. Fun fact: The armwing cutaway is in a different place on the P2 and the P3, meaning that the briefing I got (Cutaway with a handle near the thumb loop) was not actually correct when it came time to actually ditch it. Make sure you've actually tried a cutaway on the ground before you need it in the sky :)
  7. how does an all zp 135 pack as small as a 120? Calling it as small as a 120 is a stretch but it packs down pretty good. I put my zp 135 in my larger container (i23SN). For comparison this container was full but not uncomfortable wiht a 96 velo or 120 katana. The 135 is noticably more annoying to close but not overstuffed, just right at the limit. Don't try to put it in a container that's right at the limit unless you know you're a neat packer and good at closing your rig with it pretty full.
  8. I have jumped a wing without a swivel a few times now. It works but getting the twists out is really annoying. Some people wrap a couple of slinks around the swivel, but I don't bother.
  9. I personally felt the freebag on a PDR 106 going into a 300. It was very comfortable, rig looked great closed up. I was very surprised. I don't really know anything about the rigger in question's work, but it looked tidy.
  10. I'm not sure I have the energy to dig through my data for the max from when I was jumping my 120, but you're welcome to all my flysight data when I had it, if you're interested. You can either get the max speed by hand in flysight viewer or extract it quickly with gswoop. I was jumping a 120 at 1.7 and a 107 at 1.9.
  11. I have a pilot 117 (1.8) as a temp wingsuit canopy until my winx gets here. It's not ideal but I needed something that could fit into my swoop rig. The flare on it is fairly impressive to me, every time I've jumped it, I did a 270, which picked me up about 30' off the ground and it still had enough flare to run out the resulting surge into the ground. FWIW, I bought the canopy off a woman who probably weighs about 130ish out the door, who got rid of it because it's terrible flare. I think the correlation between wingloading is accurate. I doubt pilot error, since she's on a cf2 109 now and having no issues landing it.
  12. as much as I don't like Vigil, I believe that this is fake news
  13. Originally I considered building one out of dacron, but comparing the dacron I have sitting around with the material the lanyard I have, it feels as though either the lanyard is made of a different material I couldn't identify, or is coated. The dacron I have handy I think would destroy my center cell very quickly. Keith, thanks! I DM'd you an address. Please let me know how I can repay you :)
  14. What is it made of, and where can I buy some?
  15. my WS rig has a slink and two pull up cords
  16. Pretty much this. Basement science on your parachutes is not a good idea, especially if you're doing basement science in the first place because you're injured. As a datapoint, I put a velo slider on my katanas (about 2" bigger) and it made my openings significantly faster and harder. This was desirable subterminal where it eliminated snivel and line twists, but made terminal jumps pretty painful. Contact the manufacturer. I'm also kinda skeptical of your "Don't talk to me about packing". For better or for worse, PD canopies have a lot of well loved techniques to improve openings. Much of it is probably superstition, but I'd find someone with jillions of Stiletto jumps and see what they do. Stealing other people's velo packjobs has improved my life significantly.
  17. I have no idea why they would say that. I've got a few hundred terminal jumps on low drag risers, most of the camera fliers at my DZ jump them, as do a bunch of the freefliers. I also know a ton of people who take their full RDS terminal.
  18. Yup, I haven't been back to this thread in a while, but I spoke to a rep at cypres about this. The short version is: The landing offset needs to be set before every jump (Which I did not know, and have made multiple jumps at DZs with landing offsets, so I'm pretty glad I sent that email!) The firing offset does not affect the lower end of the window, so changing it does nothing for this specific goal.
  19. Yup. Math is hard. But quoting your earlier post: I guess the speed cypress is 330' instead so it'd actually be 1850. Assuming that's accurate, you could set the cypres to +700', give yourself no chance of an AAD fire below 1k, and still have pretty low odds of a two out due to a low deployment (You probably shouldn't be taking your ultra performance wing to the basement). As with all things though, it's a trade off.
  20. Is there a reason why setting your offset to +1500' wouldn't fix the issue with a cypres? I was thinking about this the other day. Cypres says it won't fire below 130', so if I understand it's manual that'd mean at 1370' it'd effectively shut off. A lower than planned hop n pop might fuck up your day, although tbh if you're worried about firing an AAD in a swoop, I'm betting you're not planning to take that rig terminal
  21. I'm getting a demo early next month. I'll report back when I've got some jumps on it.
  22. Urgh. This thread is about to derail hilariously, but briefly. Consider what happens to your airspeed when you do a 180 in high winds. If you're going downwind -> into the wind, your airspeed shoots through the roof as you complete the turn, since: Downwind: ground speed = airspeed + wind speed assuming ground speed stays the same through your turn, which it won't, because canopies accellerate Into the wind: airspeed = groundspeed (Which was airspeed + wind speed) + wind speed So you get the wind speed twice as you complete the turn. The second you start turning vectors the "wind is irrelevant" trope becomes meaningless.
  23. How are people finding the accuracy? I bought an Alter without a display, with the intention of building it into a HUD project. The vendor sounded pretty optimistic about getting me some info on it's diag port, but months later I still haven't heard anything from them :(