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  1. Sunpath really like F111 pilot chutes. Without getting into that debate (I am firmly in camp-zp-pilot chutes) you're probably going to have hella hesitations if you take super short delays with an F111 PC. You could screw around with your gear, but 2s is a really short delay for a hop n pop. I would just take an easy 5, and I bet your problem goes away. If you're just set on taking super short delays (This was me for a while, I had a katana with a Velo RDS and on it and the openings were.. snappy) try either a larger PC (sunpath will make you a 33", understand that this is a bad idea for terminal) or try a ZP one (personally I really like the VSE design, and did before I represented them).
  2. richoH

    Icarus GT-R

    Based on the one picture on insta, the xbracing looks very similar to what's in my HK. Interested to see more and hopefully jump one.
  3. richoH

    Interested in getting into Wing Suit flying

    There are some great coaches at skydive cal! Talk to Ted, Craig or Tristan (or some of the other great coaches who I'm definitely forgetting).
  4. richoH

    RDS Sliders: PD vs TST vs Fluid Wings?

    I have fluid RDSs on both of my VKs as well as my HK. My vk sliders don't have the snaps, but tbh the openings are great, terminal and subterminal on a VK 79 on 500OV and my 75 on 300 OV. Snaps would probably be better than no snaps, but in the 500 jumps I've put on my valkyries with no snaps I've had nothing but great openings.
  5. richoH

    Using a Slink to attach bridle at d-bag?

    Can't speak to mfgr but all of my bags are attached with reserve slinks. The flipside is that nearly all of my bags are VSE stowless, which have the triangle, so in theory if the bag pulls through it still wouldn't go all the way down, but I've never had an issue (about 1500 jumps on this setup across a bunch of bags and bridles)
  6. richoH

    Women’s records/swooping

    This is pretty willfully naive. From everything I've seen, being trans fucking sucks. Suggesting that people would put themselves through that hell for a record is absurd.
  7. richoH

    Why dont reserve PCs have limiter tapes?

    What's your opinion on the Snatch (And SkySnatch) ?
  8. richoH

    Have you ever had an arm trapped?

    OK, how did it get stuck? On clothing? Thanks everyone else for the responses. It has a little fabric flap that runs under the zip, I think to attempt to seal the arm better. I think it got caught up in the zip.
  9. richoH

    Have you ever had an arm trapped?

    I had one on my second WS jump in a P2. I believe that PF have updated the design to make it less likely since. Fun fact: The armwing cutaway is in a different place on the P2 and the P3, meaning that the briefing I got (Cutaway with a handle near the thumb loop) was not actually correct when it came time to actually ditch it. Make sure you've actually tried a cutaway on the ground before you need it in the sky :)
  10. richoH

    Pilot7 canopy

    how does an all zp 135 pack as small as a 120? Calling it as small as a 120 is a stretch but it packs down pretty good. I put my zp 135 in my larger container (i23SN). For comparison this container was full but not uncomfortable wiht a 96 velo or 120 katana. The 135 is noticably more annoying to close but not overstuffed, just right at the limit. Don't try to put it in a container that's right at the limit unless you know you're a neat packer and good at closing your rig with it pretty full.
  11. richoH

    RDS Lanyard

    I have jumped a wing without a swivel a few times now. It works but getting the twists out is really annoying. Some people wrap a couple of slinks around the swivel, but I don't bother.
  12. richoH

    canopy sizing for the new Vector 300?

    I personally felt the freebag on a PDR 106 going into a 300. It was very comfortable, rig looked great closed up. I was very surprised. I don't really know anything about the rigger in question's work, but it looked tidy.
  13. richoH

    Max Horizontal Speed - Katana

    I'm not sure I have the energy to dig through my data for the max from when I was jumping my 120, but you're welcome to all my flysight data when I had it, if you're interested. You can either get the max speed by hand in flysight viewer or extract it quickly with gswoop. I was jumping a 120 at 1.7 and a 107 at 1.9.
  14. I have no idea why they would say that. I've got a few hundred terminal jumps on low drag risers, most of the camera fliers at my DZ jump them, as do a bunch of the freefliers. I also know a ton of people who take their full RDS terminal.
  15. richoH

    Anybody flown a Tesla?

    I'm getting a demo early next month. I'll report back when I've got some jumps on it.
  16. richoH

    looking to jump in new zealand

    I made 4 jumps in Taupo late last year. If you'll be in the area, give Geoff Mundy a call (pm me for details if you can't find em). It's a tandem factory for sure, but sport jumpers get a pretty decent run and the scenery is amazing. Tracking out over the bay in a 3 way, getting open and floating back home under canopy was bliss.