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  1. Got a buddy who wrecked both ankles in a non-skydiving accident and he slides in almost all his landings without any drama, then again he's had a lot of practice at it! The trick is convert all your vertical speed to horizontal and then slide in favouring one buttock as already mentioned. It's important to keep your hands up and canopy in full flight so you can transition to horizontal flight with a well timed decisive flare. Problem is that really nailing your flare takes a lot of practice and during the learning phase you're going to take some knocks. Also this only works when you have a nice smooth landing area, great for the swoop lane but not an option if you're landing off in a ploughed field (or a random rut on the DZ), my buddy has to run those out and they hurt like hell. It's a question of when not if you land out so ask yourself if thats something you can deal with.
  2. That ain't no backflip, it's a pretty standard back tracking exit where they're trying to get their head into the relative wind and start flying.
  3. The Netherlands shares a border with Belgium and you probably won't be too far away from the DZ's there. Schaffen will probably be closest to you and goes to 13000ft.
  4. I'm also 70kg and started my 90's at similar height (~420) on a Sabre 2 it dives more than a Saf2 and possibly more than both the Crossfire 2 & 3, the 3 doesn't dive a whole lot more than the 2. The Gangster from Fluid Wings is the one I'd choose (and I did) due to the recovery arc, I prefer it to the JFX (haven't tried the JFX2) but it's still a high perfomance wing and please please check with some smart people whether you're ready for it!
  5. Can anybody reccommend a Florida dropzone with a freefly event or load organisers on the weekend March 7-8th 2020? I'm going to randomly find myself in the area and was thinking to bring my rig, the higher the level the better HD sequentials would be perfect.
  6. Matey opens and stows his chestrap with a standard buckle at 0:50, takes him about 12 seconds. Damn the music is bad!
  7. Using the power of google..... https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/film/flystation_love_flying_wind
  8. I used to go ski mountaneering and my sketchy tales freaked my mum out, now she's so happy that I'm doing nice safe skydiving! ;-)
  9. I skydive and speed-ride, the flight characteristics aren't all that different and I'd say a lot of the skills are transferable. As already mentioned traffic is a huge difference and if you're at a busy dropzone with a lot of canopies in the sky you don't really want to be going faster than a significant proportion of the load.
  10. I put a old Sabre 2 120 and a Speed 2000 120 in a V306 and I wouldn't want to go any tighter than that. The Xfire 138 sounds like a really bad idea, especially a crispy new one.
  11. Some numbers for you... http://myskydivingfootprint.com/
  12. I went from a KA97 to a Gangster 90 after trying all the usual suspects and as has been mentioned already it was amazing...good luck finding one!
  13. Recently got myself an OG 90, fricking love it! I'm curious how big is the difference between the OG and the VK PS??
  14. Current Wing - OG 90 @ WL 2.0 Recent Wings - Comp Velo 90, JFX 84, Katana 97 I put 11 jumps on my new Gangster this weekend and I love it. I had so much fun with it and it's hands down the best canopy (IMHO) I've jumped to date. The openings are stress free and on heading with none of the surging/searching you get on a comp velo, no occasional surprise 360's like a Katana and I think even better than the JFX. I'm sure sooner or later she'll give me a surprise but so far it's been a dream every time. Front riser pressure is slightly lighter than both the Comp Velo & JFX but thankfully much heavier that the Katana. It was easy to keep it in the dive but you still get nice feedback. The rears felt great ripping around at altitude, super responsive and a ton of fun. I didn't have to use much rear input during landing because miraculously my roll out kept being spot on, the wing carried really well and again there was nice feedback and modulation. Recovery arc was longer than the Katana and the JFX, probably about the same as the velo but I'd need more jumps on a Velo to tell. Anyway I had plenty of time after roll out to spot the landing and loads of power. As for the flare, not much to say really you pull the strings and you land...job done. Harness, now this is where it's at.....the harness response is amazing! It's much more responsive than both the Velo and the JFX and that's a good thing. Not twitchy but just fun as it really makes you feel one with the wing, it's really intuitive to snap the last part of the turn from the harness.