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  1. Thanks. This is great. Super helpful advice. I really appreciate it.
  2. Many thanks. That's super helpful. I wouldn't be surprised to find that upsizing my canopy is part of the picture no matter what. You make a good point that I'll need to be able to handle less-than-optimum landings. What wing loading do you have and how do you deal with not getting blown away on windy days with a large canopy?
  3. And, to clarify, my ankle injuries are not skydiving-related. I'm not the best canopy pilot but that's not the cause of the bad ankles.
  4. Thanks. I'm kind of past that point. I haven't been able to walk on my left ankle for two years. Obviously, that isn't a viable long-term plan. I'm either going to do an ankle replacement, in which case any shock at all to the ankle could break the replacement so landings are a big no-go, or a below the knee amputation. I'm pretty far past the point of giving up walking. Walking gave up on me years ago.
  5. Thanks. This is helpful. As background, my doctor has recommended I give up skydiving. I'm not going to, but my ankles are trashed so I need to land without any impact whatsoever to the ankles. PLF'ing is out. I've got 350+ jumps so have had plenty of good and bad landings before but never intentionally made sliding in my go-to in all circumstances, which it will likely have to be going forward. These are helpful tips. Please keep 'em coming. Many thanks.
  6. I have trashed ankles and will need to start sliding in landings. Any tips? Is there a certain wing loading I should be sure to have so I don't slam into the ground? Anything I should do to reinforce the bottom of the container so it doesn't get worn down sliding in? Best technique for how to slide it in without getting hurt?
  7. Mostly I'm wondering, can it be done? Also, any special considerations? I'm concerned about a slight imbalance from side to side causing instability and turning issues. Seems solvable in RW but potentially dicey in a wingsuit. Also concerned about inability to flex the ankle being an issue.