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    Give me five

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    Mr Goddas rules

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    Mixing 2 passions

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    Zohan "the Giant"

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    Join me for Spring jumps

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    Windobona Indoor Skydiving Madrid

    Windobona team has arrived to Spain! It´s a great place to fly, to view, to learn no matter what your flying skills actually are. All the staff is close, friendly, really looking to help you and make your experience the best.
  7. I broke my ACL (left knee) while snowboarding. I have been involved in many outdoor sports like windsufing, kiteboarding, sailing, trekking, climbing, running... After recovering from the injury I decided to try a sport that didn´t put too much stress on my knee. I saw that landings can be as easy as walking down a stair so I decided to spend the money saved throughout my vacation time. I did my AFF course and life changed from that moment on
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    Above the clouds

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    Linked exit

  10. There are two little but nice dropzones in France near the border with Spain. One of them is near the vilage of Mimizan. It is a very touristic place during the summer due to the long yellow sand beaches ideal both for surfing or sunbathing. A lot of beautiful places to visit, tasty local recipes and much more. Its owner Olivier is very friendly and really helpful with anything you may need around Every jump you will enjoy a beatiful view of the ocean and lineshore The other is near the village of Pau (close to the Pyrenees). Cheap accommodation in the DZ. Nice vibe around with a lot of French and Spanish people. Well connected with the highway and a lot of different activities around: horseriding, sightseeing, wine tasting, etc
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    Flyspot tunnel in Warsaw, Poland

    Just mere curiosity, are you intructor there? Otherwise, if you fly there every day I want to have your income
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    Forgot something

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    Tracking over the beach

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    Skydive Valladolid

    Me parece una gran noticia que se abra una nueva zona de saltos. Sobre todo para los "sufridores" del Norte que muchas veces tienen que hacer más de 3 h de viaje para poder saltar. Mucha suerte en este proyecto
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    Pues ENHORABUENA a los premiados. Siempre es bueno ampliar las posibilidades de conocer nuevas zonas y nuevos paracas ¿Ya sabéis con qué tipo de avión contaréis? ¿Pilatus? ¿Multivan? ¿Otras? Un saludo
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    It is a very modern tunnel with a smooth air flow. It has 2 team rooms where you can debrief your flight afterwards from 3 different angle cameras. The bar downstairs is peaceful and quite so you can relax and take a coffe break or a light meal Coaches are helpful and kind although not everyone speaks English
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    skydiving lillo feb 6-9

    Renting a rig to a people you do not know is not a common thing for sure I would not lend my rig to anyone but a close friend, but I undestand that rental prices are fuck... expensive Good luck
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    Sky Time Castellón

    Very very close to the beach (less than 100 feet) Amazing views, friendly people, professional and helpful instructors. Nice landing zone. You can even make your payment at the end of the day. Prices have raised a little bit since the last review 27 Euros - individual ticket at 13000 ft
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    First rig, need some advice

    If I were you, I would hesitate again about buying a rig in the very near future. I weigh 185 or so and 6ft tall. I began my AFF course jumping a 260, and progressively downsized to 240. I got my A license with 26 or 27 jumps and tried 220 and 200 student canopies. I was renting smaller canopies as I was getting jumps under my belt. (tried 210 Sabre2, 190 Sabre2 and Spectre 190) until 80 or 90th jump where I began to think about getting my own rig. I talked with instructors and with experienced skydivers and the told me to wait until I could safely jump a 170 canopy, so that would put my WL not far from 1.1 If you buy a rig which can fits a 260 canopy, and you start to jump regularly I guess you should quickly become in the need for smaller canopies which would not fit this container. Then, you would have to sell both the rig and the canopy
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    Lillo BPA instructors?

    I usually skydive at Lillo (Toledo, Spain) and as far as I am concerned the instructors are USPA instructors (Victor, Antulio, ...) Ocaña (35 km from Lillo) has British instructors for sure (Mike Evans and Stephen Hogan), but do not know if they are also USPA instructors.
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    A medium size wind tunnel with a clear airflow. The restaurant is just in fact surrounding the tunnel so you can be having lunch while watching other flyers performances. Good vibes with the coaches and all the staff (super friendly and helpful)