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  1. Iown nearly all Brian's videos. They make sure to explain the whys as well as the how-tos . When combine with a good canopy course they are definitely helpful.
  2. Minneapolis MN (actually Minnetonka is getting an iFly tunnel. At the moment its just a massive hole in the ground with an iFly sign on the construction fence. My question is whether or not it will be good for practice or not. The info I have seen is that it will be a 12 ft tunnel. My prior experience has been in 14 ft tunnels and Paraclete. I do FS and this size does not look big enough for 4 way. Anyone with experience to share?
  3. With the high cost/value of tunnel time I have found that the getting the best coaching possible only makes sense. I have found that the right coach enhances learning immensely while mediocre coaching can cause frustration.
  4. I have flown in seven different tunnels so far and this newest tunnel shows how design and execution have evolved. But the tunnel alone does not guarantee a great experience. Fortunately the staff matches the tunnel in being excellent. I found a friendly front desk and received excellent coaching. Can’t offer any suggestions for improvements.
  5. I went with Bev because I have a local dealer who could get the measurements right. The people I know with Tony Suits seem to like them. The biggest key is being honest about your needs and dimensions and letting the professionals dress you for success.
  6. I jump a Firebolt and a Pulse, the Pulse openings are more predictable, but the Firebolt flares are incredible. you pays your money and you takes your choice.
  7. I have checked Parachutist events. It seems heavily weighted towards Coach and Instructor courses.
  8. I agree. But it does make it tough for us northern jumpers to plan ahead,+
  9. If you can find an established dealer to measure you the chances of a good fit and fall rate go up.
  10. I have been trying to plan a winter trip from MN. It seems like event listings on the major DZ websites have gone untended , and Facebook has not filled the gap. A trip usually requires 6 weeks to 10 weeks to plan and make arrangements. Sadly the DeLands and Eloys no longer seem to provide much info that far ahead. If I am missing a resource, please throw some light on my ignorance, otherwise this may become the Winter of my discontent.
  11. Track Guide: 0.5 second pulsating tones between the 1st and 2nd warnings help keep track of altitude separation of tracking groups or waves.
  12. The tracking tones on a Quattro are another feature that reveals its value after using it for a while.
  13. The Landing pattern tones are helpful in learning to fly a consistent pattern making your turns at consistent altitudes,
  14. Bev suits with Majik booties work well, are honestly priced. and delivered as promised. Find someone who can measure you correctly and you are on your way.
  15. Bev makes a great suit. I have two to give me a range of fall rates. Best thing I did was to get measured by a dealer with a lot of experience and then Bev cut the suit to fit my needs.
  16. I see from old posts that Greg Behrens in AZ was over 9000 in 2003. I don't know how many more tandems he made before Marana got out of sport jumping but he seems a likely suspect.
  17. So, if I get what you're saying, I need to add a mesh slider, and modify or replace my d-bag so I have a #8 grommet to kill a non- collapsible pilot chute and possibly add CRW toggles?
  18. No Pop-top to deal with. The Talon looks preety snag proof. Trying to decide whether or not to start modifying the rig and canopy. ie Add tail pocket and mesh slider or get familiar with the set-up with regular slider and D-Bag.
  19. May you live as long as you want to, and want to as long as you live
  20. Erred on container specifics. It's a Talon2 sized for a 210 main with a 210 reserve. I will be getting both widths of riser with large ring 3 rings and comes with wide leg straps. All the input has helped and any additional information will be taken seriously and appreciated.
  21. Found a rig. Now to hunt the special bits once I get it in hand so I can be sure of what I need. It is a Talon T2