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  1. jtiflyer

    video camera for big ways

    Curious about this myself. My sigma 19mm isn't cutting it for anything other than 4way. Will be trying a 30mm and 50mm next time out.
  2. jtiflyer

    rear sit wing or not to rear sit wing

    yeah it was an add on option to the camera jacket. Never see them in use, but was wondering if anybody actually used them. Yeah Its a jacket for now, my old suits are tearing apart after 10+ years of pretty hard use. Plan is to get the "C" wing.
  3. jtiflyer

    rear sit wing or not to rear sit wing

    Finally looking to replace my 10+ year old camera jacket and suit. Decided on sticking with Tony suits as this is what I am used too. I would love to start sit flying tandem videos so the question is should I have them add the sit fly wing on the back? Never seen them in use so i was wondering if anybody had any experience with them? mostly used for tandems and fun jumping, but would not be surprised to find myself shooting FS again at some point.
  4. jtiflyer

    Sony X3000 action cam with BOSS!

    I have 2 sony az-1 mounted side by side for and cam using a pivot pad hand cam. works perfectly and can be rotated for user's best angle
  5. jtiflyer

    Sony X3000 action cam with BOSS!

    try slowing the shutter speed of the camera to get rid of the ripple. I use a neutral density filter in front of the lens. If it is "shutter roll" the filter will fix it.
  6. jtiflyer

    level-3 is killing me

    get good on level video footage of the jump so you can see exactly what your body is doing in freefall. No matter how descriptive your JM is during debrief, there is always room for interpretation. IME debriefing with video has always proven to be leaps and bounds more helpful. Also what are the exact reasons they won't let you go? Poor Arch? Leg awareness? arm awareness? built in turn? start from there.
  7. jtiflyer

    Sony X3000 action cam with BOSS!

    Looks interesting, for fear of bad translation, I await information in english (being half japanese and unable to speak or read, I feel so american).
  8. jtiflyer

    Best TI Hand Cam

    love using 2 Sony AZ1R side by side, great results
  9. jtiflyer

    Camera settings HELP!

    happens on a lot of action cameras too I believe its referred to as "rolling shutter". I solved it on my sony action camera by adding a 2 stop Neutral density filter in front of the lens.
  10. jtiflyer

    Vapor cutaway system pics/specs

    http://www.paragear.com/skydiving/10000060/L1353/ Thats where I got mine
  11. jtiflyer

    Sony a5000

    Great Camera for tandems. Does not focus as fast as the a6000 but if using the pancake lens that won't matter as the lens does not have auto focus. Focus would be more of a set on infinity and go. However a huge plus is the card is side loaded so no need to remove from the mount to change cards. Shooting on intelligent mode is not ideal. Aperture or Shutter priority is optimal. Will shoot roughly 3fps which is fine for tandems. Personally I would use a Really Right Stuff mount for it. If I was not already using a A6000 I would be using a 5000.
  12. Currently using Sony A6000 with kit lens. Fastest auto focusing camera on the market. I can shoot 7fps with the camera focusing every shot. For tandems its overkill. For FS I would use its full 11fps ability to ensure I get a great exit shot. The A5000 shoots slower, is lighter, and the card loads from the side. IMO the Sony A5000 and A6000 are the best options.
  13. jtiflyer

    Otter exits for short people doing camera

    trying using your foot to hook the inside of the door and rely on upper body a little bit more. I usually hold the door frame with my left hand and get my feet on the step before grabbing the handle. On otters and caravans it doesnt take much to hold on. I am 5'8 and still end up with "otter bites" once in a while.
  14. jtiflyer

    Sighting in your cameras

    Make sure all cameras are centered at distance (farther the better). Then adjust ringsight to match. For me the still is center of helmet so I match the ring sight to the still camera.
  15. jtiflyer

    Can your student get their feet up for landing?

    From my small amount of tandem experience, the pic shows she has her feet up high enough for landing. With her legs in that position I would lean back as far as possible when flaring to get her feet higher if needed, or to sit her down and slide.