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  1. get the tonfly 2.5 or cookie fuel with dual plates. If you are setting it up to pair with a gopro either setup is nice and compact and fits well with the a6000.I have run the nex3n, 5100, 6000, and now 6300. Make sure you get a 90 degree multi terminal adapter for your switch to minimize chance of breaking. I just ordered the one from Kris "Sky Switches" off of here since my hypoxic ones keep falling apart.
  2. RyanFYF

    Sky Switches mouth camera switch review

    Just ordered two for my new sony a6300. Can't wait to try these out
  3. RyanFYF

    Post your Camera Helmet .....

    did you need to customize for a bite switch or does it have the mulit terminal like some of the other sony's?
  4. RyanFYF

    107 main deployment bag measurements

    I had a ka107 in a mirage dbag from my MT container. soft fit but very good
  5. RyanFYF

    Any pictures of yourself while working ???

    Here's a cool one of me filming 4 way
  6. RyanFYF

    iFLY Orlando Overnight Skydiver Camp

    11-12 can't wait! My wife is jumping in for the first time too. Gonna be a blast as always! See ya tomorrow night
  7. RyanFYF

    HypEye Indicator for Gopro

    boom! just invested. Thanks Trunk
  8. RyanFYF

    HypEye Indicator for Gopro

  9. RyanFYF

    iFLY Orlando May 10, 2014 Overnight Camp

    I know when I feel like I am getting a mental block, I switch it up the next round. I don't know what time you were there but we did a game of "tunnel ball" for the last round of my first 15 minute block. That silliness was enough to rejuvenate me and I cam back for the next 15 doing layouts and head down! Daniel and Benji were awesome as always and I have never left one of these camps feeling bad. I always learn something new and get better at the old stuff. http://vimeo.com/94882141
  10. RyanFYF

    HypEye Indicator for Gopro

    until you get a NO SD reading and think you recorded the entire jump when really you were just "ON" the entire jump. IF you are using a gopro for tandem video (and many do) with a sweet DSLR or mirrorless on top to show guests you mean business, I suggest you reconsider switching to the TURNED ON system when it becomes available. Just my worthless two pennies fun jumps are the best videos when every one's footage starts with someone else staring at the camera and shaking their head yes lol
  11. RyanFYF

    iFLY Orlando Overnight Skydiver Camp

    I was 3-4 and 5-6. Totally worth it! Already signed up for the next one
  12. RyanFYF

    iFLY Orlando Overnight Skydiver Camp

    Saturday night I made it on the list! See you all Saturday!
  13. RyanFYF

    iFLY Orlando Overnight Skydiver Camp

    when is the next one? I need in!!!!!
  14. Who is coming with you from DeLand? Normiss and I will be there too! Awesome! I am riding up with "Lebowski" and I think Rodrigo is renting a car to drive up too.