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  1. excaza

    New Helmet Bonehead AERO

    Pretty cool looking helmet. The buckle looks like the one I was thinking about modding for a G3.
  2. excaza

    Travel for Jumping

    As much as I love SDAZ and Sebastian, right now it's pretty balls hot in Arizona/Florida so I'd probably go with somewhere in New England (SNE, Cross Keys, The Ranch, etc.) or Chicago.
  3. excaza

    Logbook Backup

    This is basically how I have it set up. I break out jumps by DZ, aircraft, jump type, and canopy type. I have it sum up FF time as well. Along with always having a really cool snapshot of info, I got sick of adding things up every time I apply for things (license applications, canopy courses, coaching, etc.) so I just started dumping things into a sheet. It was annoying doing the initial information dump (started around 200 jumps) but now it's pretty easy to catch up every few weeks.
  4. excaza

    1st Main PD Sabre2 or Pulse? Advice please :)

    All things being equal & and the appropriate wingloading, with its flatter trim the Pulse is a more docile canopy than the Sabre2. I only have a couple jumps on a Pulse but I didn't find the landings any more difficult than the Sabre2, just slightly different timing. I prefer the flight characteristics of the Sabre2, but it really comes down to personal preference.
  5. excaza

    Parachute Performance Factors

    Your definition of performance is...?
  6. excaza

    Atom Axis size

    Have you tried contacting [url http://www.parachutes-de-france.net/en/services/contact.html]the manufacturer[/url] or maybe [url http://www.parachutes-de-france.net/en/dealers.html]a dealer[/url] near you?
  7. excaza

    classifieds question

    It's entirely up to you which route you take. You can go directly between the seller or you can use a rigger as a 3rd party for the transaction. Going with a rigger or another 3rd party (Chutingstar, for example) allows you to have your gear inspected prior to sending money (other than shipping) so you don't get a dud. However, some sellers prefer not to go through the hassle and there are plenty of folks looking for gear who will indulge them.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm a little confused as to how an 'explosive' is better in checked baggage than it is in carry-on.
  9. excaza

    hop and pop incidents

    What happens when a new jumper has to get out of the plane in an emergency and has never gotten out lower than 13.5k feet?
  10. excaza

    Questions Questions Questions

    Floating exit is an exit from outside the door, as opposed to poised or diving exits from inside the plane. The blue and yellow helmets [url https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10151516282124165]here[/url] are doing floating exits. A brake fire is when one of your toggles becomes unstowed during your opening sequence, causing your parachute to spiral.
  11. excaza

    My first rig at last...

    Just to clarify, did you buy the canopy new?
  12. [url http://www.skyjump.com/]Skydive Pepperell[/url] would be the closest, I haven't jumped there yet so I can't speak to what it's like. It's also real close to [url http://www.skyventurenh.com/]Skyventure[/url] if you wanted to hop in the tunnel. Plenty of lodging & food in the area. [url http://www.jumptown.com/]Jumptown[/url] in Orange would be the next closest, nice open landing area and fun folks to jump with. I'm not sure what DZ accommodations are like, but there are a couple hotels right down the road and a few scattered down Rt. 2. Food on site & plenty of restaurants in the area. [url http://www.skydivenewengland.com/]Skydive New England[/url] is also a really good option (the most awesome option but I'm slightly biased ). Lots of loads all day and plenty of freefly folks around. There is a bunkhouse & quite a few hotels in the Rochester area. Food on site & plenty of restaurants in the area.
  13. I still think we're a little ways off from cell phones being compact enough to be a thing you'd want to get into your pack tray. There's also pretty significant battery limitations with existing technology. GPS transmitters and RFID systems are already compact and low-power enough to fill the role, it's just a question of putting time and effort into development and finding the appropriate battery pack. For an interesting read, [url http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Tracking-Device-Teardown/5250/1]check out what the FBI did[/url] for their tracking devices with technology that was already pretty old.