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  1. I am going to Anaheim in June. I am an older skydiver and have 170+ jumps. Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. I was in the 82nd for a number of years and my lower back is screwed up. The human body is not a pack animal even though the Army thinks it is. However, I have an inversion table I hang upside down at least twice a week and I swim. I can tell when I forget to use the table. Best of luck.
  3. Slide Baby, Slide!!!!! I have been leaving skid marks for the last seven years!
  4. I am a larger jumper. My exit weight is around 285. The leg straps are a big issue for me. I went with a Racer from Jump Shack. It is the most comfortable rig you will every wear. The use a larger and stronger webbing. Also, the reserve opens faster. Since this is your first rig I would not think color was a big deal. A shadow racer is just plain black cost $1,500 new. You could then buy a new reserve or pick one up on the used market.
  5. Just sharing the army's new square or somewhat round parachute.
  6. If you are talking about jumping rounds (T-7s or T-10s) in the military, it goes something like this. You are packed into an aircraft with 63 other jumpers in a C130 or 143 jumpers in C141. You have a 35 pound of chute on your back and a 12 pound reserve on front. If you are jumping equipment, than add anywhere between 30 to 120 pounds to you. Don’t forget the helmet that was in no way designed for parachute operations! Also, the sardine can (the aircraft) is doing a low altitude run and it only takes one jumper to start getting everyone sick! Once you stand up (10 mins out!) and the door opens, it is like pure haven. That nice fresh air hits you and it also means you are mostly likely going out! Up to this point took you about 8 to 10 hours. Also, remember that equipment I wrote about. It is pulling on your lower back the entire time you are standing. My back hurts just thinking about it. Then you hear the (if in the front) those blessed words. “Stand in the Door” and then thirty seconds later “Go” and the train starts to move! The energy of everyone is just staggering! It is truly an awesome experience. Once you step out the door, all is right with the world. You are now at peace (as long as you counted to four and you have a chute over your head) with the world. That god awful weight is off your shoulders and lower back, and it is so quite!!! I never understood how it could be so quite! The plane you just stepped out of for your 800 foot decent is maybe 300 to 400 yards away once you have a chute over your head. Hell there may be another plane right above you. We talk about landing patterns! I would just pray a lot and hope no one hits me. But the little piece of heaven only last a few seconds as you realize you are heading towards the earth and you got about 30 seconds! So you look down and hope there is nothing under you. That is if you are luckily and it is a day jump. Most jumps are done at night. So at 200 ft you release your ruck and other heavy equipment and get prepared to do a good parachute landing fall. If you don’t do a good PLF, you most likely will break an ankle. Then 10 seconds later you slam into the ground at the wonderful speed of 22 to 24 feet per second! Plus whatever the wind is moving you at. Then you have the one other bad news. You usually don’t get to go drink beer afterwards since you will be out in the woods for a few days to a week! That is why airborne school is three very intense weeks. Also, don’t forget what paratroopers say about skydiving. I don’t care how many skydives you have. Until you've stepped out the door of an airplane into complete darkness at 800’ with 120 lbs of combat equipment and 42 pounds of parachute, you are just a F&*king LEG!
  7. I would agree “theforkguy” strongly believes in his arguments. I also believe you should stand up for what is right\safe. However, the fork guy has been throwing his accusations around anonymously. That is not fair to the TM! The fork guy has the TM’s videos for all to see. I would like to see some of the fork guy’s jumps and his face. The fork guy even named the video after the TM. I would suggest that “theforkguy” tell us who he is or shut up and get a life. It is easy to sling mud anonymously.
  8. I noticed he was selling on the classifieds again. He stopped for about four months. I warned E.G. that I would let everyone know about my experience buying from him. I order a suit in Nov of 2013. It took weeks to get the suit. Once the suit did arrive it did not fit. He promised to send me a new XXL suit. Needless to say the suit has not arrived and E.G. will not respond to my emails. Watch out if you buy from him!!!
  9. You got a combat jump? Very cool. Just my opinion but I love my Shadow Racer 2K3. They only come in black, however The Jump Shack will fit it to you. It is $1,500. Blue Skies
  10. FIREBOLT!!!!! I jumped a Saber 2 210 for about 70 jumps and then switched to a firebolt 236. My first jump I had to look up to make sure it had open it was so soft. Great landing also.