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  1. dontlikemustard

    Online retail stores
  2. checked it before every jump, away from any carpeted areas
  3. dontlikemustard

    Recon Flight HUD Arrived

    do you lose any field of vision?
  4. dontlikemustard

    To Drop or Not to Drop

    hi. 1) its totally normal to be scared and fear death. im sure a lot, if not most, skydivers do fear death. its what keeps us from getting complacent. 2) there are plenty of people who learn to skydive in their 30's. you really gotta have your shit together financially to be in this sport because its very expensive - not every 20 year old can manage that. 3) for the love of god.. please use paragraphs when you type a wall of text. 4) there are people from different walks of earth with different personality types in this sport. we can't just tell you whether you can be a skydiver by reading one post. truth is, you have to make that decision for yourself by going out there and doing it. you only live once, you can use that as a reason to jump off an airplane, or you can use that as an excuse to live a safe and comfortable lifestyle - the decision is up to you.
  5. dontlikemustard

    skydivers anonymous