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  1. She's on something................. "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  2. Point taken. The only thing left to do is live and let live...
  3. Please learn to relax... Asking a question is a query just like running a search. The only difference is that humans typically respond... Last I checked this was an open forum where you ARE allowed to ask any question you like related to the forum category... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  4. Who cares if it's factual or fiction. There is one thing that holds true regardless, and that is, that everyone is going to believe what they want to believe so quit trying to change everyone else's mind... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  5. Intelligence, to me, is being smart enough not to sit around wasting time talking about how smart I am in life, and just live it... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  6. While I'm still very new to this sport myself, I never forget what my aff instructor taught me... NEVER stop FLYING your canopy! Not until it's completely collapsed... Scraped knees is a blessing compared to the price some have to pay for that lesson... blue skies bro. "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  7. I did 4 tandems at Skydive Oregon and then transferred directly to AFF4a with a single instructor. Definitely the way to go... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  8. The same way you justify THAT level of faith with your main and reserve! "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  9. Yeah, I think I still remember you announcing when you first got it a while back... We all do unintelligent things from time to time... Glad you made it out the other side... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  10. You had a semi-eliptical canopy loaded at 1.7 at 220 jumps??? !!! That's balls! "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  11. If I didn't know any better ( and I do), I'd almost be tempted to say "someone" sounds a bit jealous... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  12. Billvon, I here what you're saying. I hope I'm not coming off as some extreme conservative, I just have an opinion on the opening altitude issue. In my personal jumping life that is something I'm not willing to compromise on. Others will not jump in certain wind conditions, with certain people, etc... etc... For me, I like to open with an extra "buffer" if you will. If that means passing on an event or two, then so be it. I hope to still experience as much as possible before I hang up my rig for good, but it will always be a conditional involvement. As far as the reality of these large scale events; I have no beef with making some cash and filling seats. I just don't like the idea that those things superceed other things. In the end it's all relative to the person I guess... Thanks for the input. Blue skies. "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  13. I understand the points stated in support of the lowered deployment altitude, but come on guys... Call it naive, or ideological thinking, but if that's the case at these boogies then maybe there should be a re-design of the way things work. Is it really that important to dump that many people in such close proximity? Would it really impact the overall fun of a boogie to space things out a bit more? Maybe I'm a minority here, but I just don't see it. We condemn jumpers all day long for pulling low, or getting under canopies that are too aggressive for a certain skill level, or anything else people have done to add an unnecessary set of new risks, yet we're willing to quickly turn a cheek so as to accomodate a boogie atmosphere where the main purpose is to turn as many loads as possible? In my book that's a double standard. Just my opinion. I know my options and I'll chose when and where I feel comfortable to jump. Not trying to start anything here, just my opinion. We concede that the problem is too many jumpers in the sky in close proximity resulting in an increased risk of freefall/canopy collisions right? Well, it just serves to reason that the smart thing to do would be to cut down the numbers and increase the intervals - as an alternative - to essentially forcing someone lower than may be normal for them to decrease the probability of an accident... OR I can chose not to ever have the pleasure of attending a huge boogie like the WFFC right? "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  14. Agreed 100%! I don't understand all the lecturing about ensuring horizontal seperation, clearing your airspace, and all other pre-deployment procedures, and then placing an altitude limit on jumpers? Seems to me that no one should *have* to pull at any altitude they don't feel comfortable pulling at. So long as you communicate your intentions and people act responsibly, what's the problem? I know boogies are busy, but that's no reason for people to start acting all crazy. The entire idea is irresponsible. Why should a jumper wishing to open a bit higher to allow more time for a bad situation be the one out of line? "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  15. I owned a brand new sabre 170 and put about 100 jumps on it. It opened very "briskly" about 70% of the time and the other 30% were hard enough to leave bruises and in some cases end my weekend. I like to think I'm fairly tolerant of pain, but it was too much to have fun with so I went to my rigger and had a pocket installed on my slider. Perfect openings every time. "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  16. In my humble opinion; a cutaway is no more guaranteed than it is guaranteed that you won't get one... The variables that come together to create that situation are not controllable so you just never know... :) Which is why you must ALWAYS be ready for one. The jump you take off just may be your last... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  17. I don't think anyone is saying "throw" the handles anywhere. I'm simply saying that if retaining your handles through an emergency requires any thought at all, then you're wasting attention on something that is secondary by worrying about holding on to them, in my opinion. "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  18. I think the only priority in an emergency situation should be the absolute completion of each step and in order. The rest is secondary and should not take up your mindspace during things like this... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  19. Why is it odd that the president would not want public record of his exact whereabouts during an emergency situation like this where the country was being attacked by terrorists? Isn't there a contingency during emergency situations to secure and shelter high ranking government officials, which certainly includes the president of the united states, to ensure the continued operation of the government??? I'll have to look it up, but I'm about 99% certain. Regardless, I doubt very seriously in the fact that Peter Jennings was present with the President during that period of time, so for him to state in a "matter of fact" type perspective that the President has not done anything would be inaccurate at best and heresay at worst. "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  20. "So much for the back, let me see the front!" "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  21. I have made one other balloon jump and it was with the same company. I mentioned in my original post that I looked up the company name, but that was only cause I failed to get it when I made my first one with them (it was a boogie)... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  22. Right, Atlanta Skydive Center, that's what I said! Listen, the honor is all mine mi amiga... Sorry for not writing more, but since I'm now officially part of the "HeadBoard" club, I'll be sure and earn my keep... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  23. I did specify that my intention was to make a skydive from the balloon, but we did not talk specifically about exit altitude vs. typical flight altitudes... I guess I just assumed they'd be comparable? "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  24. I appreciate the views and opinions of all who took the time to respond. I've decided on a compromise of sorts. I will board the balloon having only revealed my secret to the person in charge of filming. I will ascend with the rest of the people in my basket until jump altitude, at which time I'll simply remove my altered wind breaker and climb out ... and jump! This way the act of the skydive will be a surprise, but there will be no confusion about what's going on... "pull high! It's lower than you think..."
  25. Now you all can see my dilema. I can completely understand both perspectives. The entire party is comprised of only friends, no family, but I also failed to consider the other paying customers...??? I think I'm just going to make a nice exit without any huge production (screaming and flailing) and let them figure it out. They all know I skydive so I've got to assume that they'd be in the know within the first couple seconds. This way they get an extra treat, and they don't have to entertain the thought of a mishap, and I get my jump. As far as the other group, well, they'll just have to deal with it. "pull high! It's lower than you think..."