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  1. I am not a climber (hope to do it in future) but after doing some research and reading a book by Erik Weihenmayer (a blind climber and skydiver who climbed numerous highest mountains including Everest) I realized that statistically climbing is way more dangerous than skydiving. However, this does not make skydiving any safer
  2. Camera man's name is Dave Ryder (California Dave) and he rocks. Can you believe this is his first season as a camera flyer? I am sure we will soon see some of his staff published in Parachutist. He's got tons of really cool footage (I am talking about my team, a lot of all kind of skydiving) and he likes to do this for people.
  3. Walls are not forgiving. They teach to maintain proximity and stop after starting the move. In other words, they teach to fly with precision and very close to other jumpers. In addition having these references helps to understand how much input is required to make every move. I also believe that the walls literally force a flyer to find and get used to correct internal reference points - positions of other people or parts of their bodies relatively to him.
  4. Not only tunnel itself, it is coaching what's extremely important. When you are getting started, doing some tunnel time by yourself is almost a waste of time and money. A good tunnel coach will quickly bring you on next level of skill regardless of your previous experience. The best non-military coaches in US are associated with SkyVenture tunnels in Orlando and Perris.
  5. Not to mention that the walls are excellent reference points.
  6. Mad47

    Book clubs

    Why cannot you do it here? I love to read too but I am not a member of any club.
  7. The difference is huge. Speed, the size of the chamber, facilities. If you plan to spend some money for tunnel time, I strongly suggest to sign for coached camp at Orlando or Perris SkyVenture. Some people will probably tell you outdoor tunnel is better than nothing, but I believe it is just a waste of money. If you want to learn, use the best tools.
  8. Bingo! I am going to print this and show it to you next time you guys give me a hard time during debrief rehmwa, could you comment this one?
  9. Ron, as you probably know, we are serious people. We do not do this staff ... at least officially Hey, man I've seen the video! Not to mention I've jumped with you all. I know the truth!
  10. The possibility of 2-out is a very common anti-AAD argument. The number of documented Cypress saves (ok, documented reserve deployments initiated by Cypress) is available. It there any data on number of fatalities due to Cypress fire leading to main-reserve entanglement? I have no problem jumping without an AAD but I prefer to use one.
  11. Ron, as you probably know, we are serious people. We do not do this staff ... at least officially
  12. Well there you go brainiac - shows what you know. Still not clear who's going to get the bronze. Italians are only one point behind Russians ... and ladies too .. Looks like round 10 is going to be a battle if not a drama
  13. Meaning they can score a few quick points and start knee flying half way down