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  1. el_chester

    BASE jumping en Yucatan (Riviera Maya)

    you should look up Gabo (Gabriel Ruiz), he's amongst the most experienced mexican basejumpers and has jumped all over the country. he signs as gabo on the base jumping forums, alghouth I do not remember his user name. if you don't find him through there, pm me for his email. all of the yucatán peninsula is flatter than florida (and that's very flat!) living in yucatan you'll be out of luck with natural drops unless you jump into a "cenote" - a water pool surrounded by vertical walls (though probably none is much higher than 100 feet, so it'd be a crash into the water slowed down by a parachute more than a basejump). as for the hotels in cancun... given that it's an area hit by hurricanes, most are not too high. i doubt there is any over 15 stories high from what i remember from my visits. also, for the same reason, they are for the most part built in steppy pyramidal shapes to deflect wind. there might be some antennas for you? as i said before, contact gabo, he'll have your answers.
  2. el_chester

    Que lente es el mas recomendado?????

    Pues en muchas películas que yo he visto recomiendan unos lentes Venezolanos, los Panavision (Pana-visión...jajaja)
  3. el_chester

    New Venezuelan national record (32-way)

    Felicidades Panas! Nice... did you guys know that the all-mexican record stands at 31? So... I guess it's our turn, huh?
  4. el_chester


    La única zona de salto por ahí está justamente en Playa. Está enfocada principalmente a Tandems, pero aceptan a divers experimentados si traes tus papeles y equipo en orden - claro que antes de empacar tu equipo a tus vacaciones yo me pondría en contacto con ellos. Un poco de google me dio esta info: SKYDIVE PLAYA Plaza Marina, Local 32, Zona Marina Federal Sur Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo 77710 Tel: (984) 873 0192 Fax: (984) 873 1015 info@skydivecancun.com http://www.skydive.com.mx/ Description: Full Service DZ in the Mexican Carribean!!!!!!! All Beach landings!!!!!!! Experienced Jumpers must have D licence ,Current Jumper Own Gear, AAD, Valid logbook En un sitio que leí dice que tienen swoop pond - tal vez se refieren al caribe (editado para hacer el link "Clicky")
  5. el_chester

    Ayuda buscando un thread

    te sugioero que lo busques en skydivingmovies.com con el termino de busqueda "flyby" o "fly by" o "fly-by" hay varios... -el de un avion grande, onda bombardero -el de un avion chico, de ala baja, con circulos pintados en el ala -el de un planeador blanco (saliendo de una nube) suerte
  6. el_chester

    Invitacion a los Hermanos

    Cool mis queridos Azul y Mach!!! Justo me metí al foro de los hispas para compartir su podcast. Está pocamadre! Un abrazo Chester