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  1. ianyapxw

    New guy saying hello

    Congrats! (: To type a URL, type (square bracket)URL(square bracket) (website) (square bracket)/URL(square bracket) Or you can just highlight the link and click the URL button below the text box you're typing in. *hint**hint* to everyone else who can't type URLs
  2. ianyapxw

    Hello everyone :)

    Tell us more! Where are you from, have you done AFF?
  3. I can't help you with regards to visas but I know that there's a Working Holiday Visa for Australia. One way to get your foot in the skydiving industry is to start with small jobs (video editing, mow the lawn, trash) then start to pack for jumps as you build jump numbers and get your rating. There are a TON of downsides to working in the industry but hey I get that certain countries are really horrible to work in too, make your choices well: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4610977;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread This too: https://www.skydivenagambie.com/learn-to-skydive/jump-start.html That's all I can help you with. All the best! (:
  4. ianyapxw

    West Texas Newb

    All the best in your journey!
  5. ianyapxw

    BLESMA Trans4mers

    Great to hear what you guys are doing
  6. I can't comment about tunnel, but you realise an aeroplane jump is maybe 30s of freefall? I don't think people pass out that fast. Also, I wonder whether the fact you're exercising (using your muscles) has anything to do with keeping the blood circulating to all parts of the body.
  7. ianyapxw

    new to the sport from austin TX

    Good choice with your money
  8. Thanks for your story
  9. ianyapxw

    Never skydived by looking to go

    All the best for your journey!
  10. ianyapxw


    Have you considered PMing the tunnel instructors? Why didn't you ask that guy the day itself?
  11. ianyapxw

    greetings from South East Asia, Singapore!

    Hey, I was a regular at the Singapore tunnel and I do know some in the skydiving community there. I also know some people who go to Birds. Are you involved with Singaporean skydivers? Do I know you? edit: I'm asking because you put tunnel flying as a discipline.
  12. Curious, how does changing engines allow more people per load? Is it some weight issue?
  13. ianyapxw

    I Want To be A Tunnel Rat In Arizona!

    You really should talk to the instructors about this... they're the best people to help you rather than hoping that someone on the group is on DZ.com Also, I don't know how the tunnel group there is organized, but where I go we meet once a week, same day. Hence if you've never seen them before you might not actually be free to fly with them.
  14. ianyapxw

    distance from the gates to...

    erm... Isn't it better to call up your frequented DZs? Or is it you travel a lot?