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  1. So is a winsuit jumper without a rig a skydiver? Or an aircraft launched glider?
  2. I'll pay 3 jump tickets if someone cleans my apartment for me.
  3. This is because it does not matter if it looks correct. A person will propbably not even look at it... a computer will. And if you get an interview, the first thing they will ask for is a copy of your resume. Of course, because its too damn hard to read the stupid form the computer gives them.
  4. Look what I found running across the road in Minnesota! So he came out a few days early and well he's not quite a ground hog. But a muskrat is close enough because 5 days before groundhog day and not seeing his shadow must mean spring will be here in 3 weeks? Good just in time for me to get back from Deland!
  5. Really. Who? Thats funny... No one actually reads the resume's until the interview either... ESPECIALLY the ones on Monster. Its all done with key word searches. You could be the best person. But if your resume is missing one skill that they listed--no matter how poetic your BS, no one will ever see your resume.
  6. I had EXACTLY the same thing happen to me. It happened because some dumb*** company you bought something from online or your bank got hacked, and they didn't tell anyone or didn't know. CCBill was less cooperative with me. They cancelled the subscription to the gambling site, but were not going to disable the ID. After some yelling on my part, they finally disabled the website ID. I could not believe they were just going to cancel the account at the end of the cycle and leave the ID active for this hacker to use for 30 days. You can more than likely thank the some high-tech mobsters in Eastern Europe for this. But as Ivan said. The IP that was traced is probably incorrect. Its might be someone's sweet grandma's computer without a firewall or any windows updates.
  7. Sorry, I didn't have much internet access this weekend, So here's all my replies at once. It depends on the situation, nice neat baglock with the lines all twisted up? (Low entanglement possibility) or giant mess of lines and half canopy 3 feet off my back baglock? (If I deploy the reserve it WILL entangle) Nice Neat = Treat like PIT. Deploy reserve after 3 attempts to clear. Holy Mess = Spend the time clearing it. I can assure I can and HAVE heard and been aware of my audible in the middle of emergency procedures. And Now I have 2 audibles, that both flatline at the same altitude. What? So it was old equipment that is "comparable" with todays? That statement shows it was old hardware. I asked for specifics on this, not an unproven oxymoron. Unless you are a talking Golden Knights, Military rigs are not comparable to a 150sqft 9-Cell ZP main with collapsable Pilot / 160sqft 7-cell reserve--Mirage G4 rig. Military rigs (square) are all ripcord spring PC, 7cell mains that are 2x as large, NOT mini 3 ring, and F-111. I'm familiar with the theory, and even how it is used to explain dejavu. But (at least for me) time does not slow down. My perception is time is running at its normal pace. The amazing thing is, looking back immediately at an emergency situation after it has occurred, how much went through my head, what I remembered that was relevant, and how much I accomplished in that few seconds of time. --- From a couple of replies, It sounds like the Aussies are taught to check for a clean release of the 3-ring before pulling the reserve? So if it does not release, when do the trainers there tell you to stop trying to free it and go for the silver? I've noticed that so many people don't trust their AAD's. If you don't trust an AAD then don't spend the money. Just a wakeup call to ya all--commercial planes, and now cars are all beginning the switch to fly-by-wire ONLY. Get used to trusting your life to technology. I trust the technology. I trust ALL of my equipment equally. To rule out the AAD of its due place in my emergency procedure or discount possibilities of its use based on distrust would be pretty silly I think. ---
  8. Actually, this must be my high school. Cause I found me!
  9. There is a curtain? Please... I know lots of people still in the Great Land O Cheese that would love to know how to close that one!
  10. Yup, I've unfortunately personally found the freebag to be useful after my reserve pilot chute tangled with my main pilot chute. This happened because I followed this advice of an AFF instructor with more experience over the AFF with more useful information. Sometimes experience=obsolete. His advice would have been correct if I was jumping old gear. But incorrect for mine.--Lesson learned. Riggs / AADs everything in this sport is constantly evolving. The procedures should be constantly re-evaluated for correctness with current equipment.... not blindly followed. Thats what I am doing here. Seeking other opinions... so I know what decision to make if I am ever in the situation. I'd prefer to have a plan of action that I am comfortable with. Thank you.... Very useful info. But what kind of rigs were they? Canopy? How long ago was this? I don't think the military does this testing on modern sport rigs, but rather old rounds used by Airborne, and huge tandem sized 7 cells used by Special Forces. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Jealous? Its called drinking. That stuff happens when drinking happens.
  12. Tyme Machine.... In our defense It was the ONLY Brand of ATM in our area for years. Its like saying you need a Kleenex, or you are going to Xerox something.
  13. LOL No, FIB is a truly earned term by many neighbors to the south that think they own Wisconsin because they have a cabin on a lake... and need to drive like they are in Chicago when they are in the Great Land O Cheese. ...and for those of you that don't know: F ---ing I llinois B astard
  14. Which it is already being taken care of.... And that SB was issued because some people just cannot pack a reserve correctly. I ordered the rig built for that reserve--it is sized correctly. My rigger is awesome. No slop work. So the SB was really a non-issue for me.
  15. The only flaw with your post is... Iraq is different from the rest of the Muslim world. Under Saddam, the government was secular and women had rights. Iraq was and still is the most progressive and educated country in the region. That is one more reason why democracy will work very well for them.