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  1. How did Jeff die? This is the first I've heard of it. He did an AFF jump for me and my son about 5 years ago, and I've seen him on several trips to Palatka. I'm sorry to hear about his passing. My condolences to the family. Mike Sanes Mike Sanes
  2. I just did three jumps on a pd optimum 176r. I was very pleased with the opening and the way the canopy flew and responded to toggle input. It has a very powerful flare. I normally jump a spectre 190 main and I have the old firelite 176 reserve. After doing the three demo jumps I ordered the optimum 176 reserve. It is exactly what I want over my head if I have to chop my spectre. Mike Sanes
  3. Aardvarkeater Bill Lesman Big Al CSpenceFLY Debbie Brock DittoDog Keith Brock Jack Donovan Jaclyn Kaylor Justin Collins Larry Moore Lauraliscious Mirage62 PsychoBob RoundCanopy (Bruce) Sletzer +1 Slimcurly and Gina tmaricle55 Mike Sanes Adam Sanes The address for the airport is: Souther Field Aviation, Inc. 223 Airport Rd. Americus, GA 31709 Mike Sanes
  4. I like the quote from Isaiah--I am a pastor, and I to am awaiting that day. Be blessed, and Blue Skies! Mike Mike Sanes
  5. I did my first night jump last Saturday night. The moon was full, the winds were calm, and the sky was as clear as it could be. I was a little nervous at first because of the unknown, I suppose. As soon as I pulled I looked up and was able to see the canopy opening by the moon light. I did however turn on the flash light to make sure that all was well. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. On the second jump I deployed at 9k so I could take in the sights over Saint Mary's, GA. The moon was beautiful glistening off of the Atlantic Ocean. It will surely be done again. Mike Mike Sanes
  6. It's probably a combination of both. It will get better with time, by better I mean more controllable. I have a little less than 200 jumps and I still get that feeling at times. It helps me maintain a healthy respect for what I am doing. The way I deal with it is to check my handles and repeat my emergency procedures. Blue Skies! Mike Mike Sanes
  7. Dale, I had the same thing happen to me today. I stowed my right brake incorrectly and it fired on opening. I was immediatly in a hard right turn that begin to spin pretty fast; thankfully I had pulled about 4k. The first thing I normally do is to stow the slider; then do a control check. On this jump as soon as the slider came down I was spinning like a top. I grabbed the left rear riser to try and balance the spin, but it was taking an awful lot of force. I thought about cutting away, but I decided to just reach up and grab both toggles, unstow them and see what happens. As soon as the left one unstowed the problem was fixed. I was still above 2500, but it really put the fear it me. I was EXTREMELY careful when I packed to make sure both brakes were set properly. Mike Sanes
  8. Welcome to skydiving friend; its the greatest sport in the world. (In my humble opinion) Mike Mike Sanes
  9. Deland is the place to be!!! Mike Sanes
  10. Pics were great, stay safe and blue skies! Mike Mike Sanes
  11. Skydiving at The Jumping Place is always loads of fun. You will not find anyone anymore safety minded than Larry Urlich and Cathy Kloess. They run the dropzone, fly the plane, and do lots of rigging and instruction. Our other instructors include: Tim Caudill--Tandem instructor (also a U.S. Marine Halo jumper) Jim Graham- Former president of Skydive University. Glen Bangs- USPA President (he also jumped twice with President George Bush). There are various other guest instructors and coaches available for all disciplines. It is amazing the amount of first jumpers that come out and jump with us, and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come and experience the fun and friendship at The Jumping Place in St. Mary's Ga. Blue Skies! Mike Sanes
  12. I exited a cessna 182 on a two-way with a friend, both of us left the strut unlinked. I immediatly noticed that I had left my helmet (Fairwind) unbuckled and just that quick it was gone. According to the Neptune I pulled at the same altitude that I exited from; it read 55mph for 9000', and 51mph for the remaining. I assume then that it hit the ground at 51mph. I thought it was a total loss, however, two days later someone called the DZ saying they had found a helmet in their backyard. It was mine and everthing was okay!