CPC/PST 2007 Finals - Colorado

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Dude! I was eating lunch, don't do that!

Seriously, I spat coffee all over my computer screen when I saw that! :D:o:D. That's about right though... have 64 hours to complete by the 1st of next month.

Well, my options were pick trash on the side of the road, or work at a recycling center. Since Ian already promised to drive down from ATL to ORL to take a picture of me picking trash on the side of the road, I figured I'd save him some gas and go work in the recycling center instead. But I'll be sure to take a pic of myself neck-deep in recycling shit for you Ian!!! F*cking speed limits! >:(


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Bitchin Pics. I make this shit look good!






In all actuallity, I cannot believe that shit even worked. There is nothing like pulling freestyle tricks out of your ass for competition that you have never done before:D.

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