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  1. I jumped a CF2 99 for 2 years loaded about the same coming off a Stiletto 107. It's a terrific canopy. You will notice a difference in the recovery arc and other characteristics but as far as turbulence goes, the above post is accurate... and when it doubt about it being too windy or too turbulent, well... you know the advice...No canopy is 100% "safe" in those conditions.
  2. Ditto on Bobo and Windmiller kudos. Thanks to both and all for making it a great meet (even if I can't pack fast enough for the turnarounds and whine like a girl! ) Ian B: you always know exactly what to say thank you for your wisdom and helping me keep my cool. Erika: awesome flying swoopsister!
  3. I sent that link to someone and in response I received a reply : " Well, Bush said some stupid things, too". :)
  4. ...and then there'll be that random skydiver at your DZ you never saw before who steals your Gatorz when you're on a skydive.. or that skygod that still doesn't know how to spot but is happy to blow your spot for you.... just wait... there are some real winners out there :) that said, I have met some of my closest friends in life at DZ's...
  5. Kazzie is my hero.... I wanna be Kaz!!! awesome stuff..
  6. Thanks boys!! Especially nice of Mike to put it out there for me with such elan. If it wasn't for him, I'd still be on the Crossfire and not doing much with it. I owe a lot of "stick to it" to him. Anyway, I hope I can finally be off the bottom rung now, but I'm not promising anything.
  7. I smell another Florida trip in my future.... very very soon....
  8. Just for the record.. the Northeast took this one via Mike Shatalov with the GOLD :)) Mike Shatalov Al Berchtold Ian Drennan Were the top 3 finishers... I am guessing full results will be posted in a few days.
  9. AAAAAK!!!! .... Here we go again... I feel a looooooong briefing coming on at the pond. I guess we'll meet up at 7 AM ??
  10. Here's some reality from my business. I sell ingredients to the flavor and fragrance industry - ie soft goods,not durable but everyone eats and drinks and washes their clothes (or so we hope). Generally our industry is relatively immune to the highs and lows. October 2008-June 2009 were terrible. With the uncertainty of the financial markets, our customers (manufacturers of above products) started the de-stocking process. In terms of inventory and people. Large layoffs were de rigeur altho not as massive as seen in some other industries. We started seeing an uptick in business June 2009 and ended the year relatively solid. Most of the companies seems to have done a lot of catching up the second half of 2009. January 2010 was a record month for me and I've had my doors open for 10 years. Am I hiring another staffer?? Probably not - maybe a temp. I dont feel secure enough to take on another hire. I'll bet a lot of small business owners or managers feel the same. Hiring will lag for some time, while we who make the hiring decisions watch and see how at least the first half of 2010 rolls. Maybe that lends some real world perspective to all the facts and figures. Theory is great but it's us on the ground that eventually make the numbers you argue about.
  11. I swear my heart is in my throat and I tear up juuuust a little when I watch you guys ....it's so beautiful and I can imagine the absolute thrilled feeling of "I cannot BELIEVE I am doing this right now!!" that must be coursing thru you at times.
  12. Oh, my darling Hans! I know that beat up, mashed up, been thru a war zone feeling. You've seen me take the hits :)) and I have it after every meet and it lasts for a week. I wouldn't give it up for anything.... Let's you know you are ALIVE!!!
  13. I can vouch for Bryan Buechler, Michael Shatalov ( Frost), myself and Greg Windmiller (GK) ..maybe Sergei Fedotov as well. Gonna be a big meet I am sure!
  14. I hear the meet was won by a German visiting competitor?? LOL! Let's see the scores, Dave!