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Out of curiosity I looked through the Certifications Unlimited (Jay Stokes) calendar, no IAD/SL courses scheduled, but there's time come April.


Same story with Skydive Ratings
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For SL/IAD (particularly in areas of the country that don't teach a lot of that method - like the OP was looking for) the best bet may be to reach out directly to a course director in the area to find out if there's anything in the pipeline or if anyone else has expressed interest. It may be less common to offer in that area unless there's a group already committed to a class.
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Anyone know of a SL/IAD rating course in the next couple of months on the lower west coast?

Hoping to get this for employment this up coming season.

It isn't on the west coast, but we have one in Indiana March 19th - 21st. The I/E is Greg Bailey and I will be an evaluator for the course.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Kim Mills
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