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She resembles the actress that played the Wicked Which of the West in The Wizard of Oz.

We already had pics of her depicted as such on here, now hidden by the mods.
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Well, this is interesting.


Some complaints are labelled as "invalid."

And someone doesn't like that.

Guess who?

Looks to me like if there was 110 people that complained, they would first, limit (or reduce) the numbers of complaints to one per verifiable person, then, further reduce that number to people who actually reside close enough that they could actually be effected by the sounds, and see what you get! I'd bet it's less than 5! Then, see if the sound levels are actually loud enough to be a problem! I'd love to see how that comes out!
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Enough. The threats against Kim (who is a poster on here) have gotten disgusting. No personal attacks against her. If you want to discuss the case, fine. If you want to post threats, find some other board to do so.

Pretty selective deletions, dude.
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