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  1. Unless something has changed the Jump Shack actually has closing flap sequence placarded on the top main flap in plain sight so people can see it every time they close the main tray.
  2. Next thing you know she'll start a Facebook page call Citizens Against Space Junk Re-Entering The Atmosphere. It could interrupt her morning stroll through her garden.
  3. What I was told by a CO attorney: CO law permits going after a losing plaintiff for court costs and expert witness fees, but not legal expenses.
  4. If I said what I'm really thinking the mod would have deleted it.
  5. Kimberley's gripe is not necessarily peak decibel levels but decibel levels over time. So, I'm not sure why the judge is even heading out for a field trip. At the end of the day it boils down to one's ability to tolerate a particular duration of noise at any decibel, frequency, pitch, etc. Some people can't even stand to be at the dinner table with anyone due to their inability to cope with normal eating noises. In my view Kimberly has the same condition except with Twin otter engine noise. I hope Kimberly and CQS suffer a major defeat, sell their homes and move farther away from society.
  6. More like Ted from There's Something About Mary.
  7. Assuming it is the same Jim Garrison he did continue on to jump at the Independence Airport. He also had a C-172 that he kept at Roosterville Airport. Unfortunately, Jim was killed on his motorcycle back around 1995 or so (other persons fault). Jim was a great guy and always a pleasure to be around.
  8. //I am tired of boom boxes and the joy riders of the sky assaulting my senses. People live in Colorado because of the open space and natural setting, and these dive-bombing nuisances are a huge irritant. It's like trying to find peace and tranquility in a hornets nest! Enough!// If it's "peace and tranquility" you desire you will not find it posting your views on this web site. You are correct, these "dive-bombing nuisances" will be a huge irritant. Just like hornets when you F*ck with their nest. Enough is right. Please move on to your next crusade which should involve seeking a home further away from society.
  9. Name dropper...just not your own. "Highly professional" at what? You come on a skydiving web site and expect something other than "negative comments". Apparently, you are not as smart as Ms. Gibbs. In reality though, you probably are Ms. Gibbs...or perhaps Teresa Foster. I dont' know the owner(s) of Mile High Skydiving but I hope they fight you to the ends of the earth. In fact, I think we will add a weekend at MHS to our Colorado trip this summer so we can jump out of "those noisy, obnoxious airplanes". I encourage others to do the same.
  10. Sorry but Ms. Kimberly Gibbs is a moron! I found her voice in the video to be grating and obnoxious. Imagine having to listen to that from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. The Otter is music to our ears.
  11. I don't want to put a damper on the skydiver's fun, but don't they have mufflers for those things? Jeez! [/Dont' they have a muffler for you whiners.]
  12. Remember that the two locking stows are almost always holding the too-large canopy into the too-small d-bag. It is usually very simply that the locking stows have more force imposed onto them than the line stows because of this. If you look at the attached photo, you will see that the locking stows are stretched far more than most line stow rubber bands would be. Does this opinion help any? JerryBaumchen[/Don't forget the line group is thicker closer to the locking stows due to cascades/steering lines]
  13. "One of the top MHS complainers, Tom Zweck, has been seen exposing himself to aircraft as they overfly an area near his farm on the established downwind pattern leg for runway 11. I must admit I was offended to say the least." Get a picture or video and just happen to have a minor present and Mr. Zweck could end up on the sex offender registry.
  14. I'll take two of those! In addition, how can I get one of the jerseys?