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Congratulations to the first female four star

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On 10/28/2021 at 2:55 AM, BIGUN said:

OK. How about XYY, XXYY, XYYY, but wait, what about XYYYY? What about the brain's effect on gender? I know, what about women born with higher levels of testosterone? etc. etc. Like I said, not everything is boolean. Now, I'm not going to tell you I know everything about it, but I know enough to know that I can't take a hard stand on saying what someone is or isn't. That's [entirely their own business]

Fixed it for you :-)

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On 10/26/2021 at 10:47 AM, brenthutch said:

Admiral Rachael Lavigne is surly an inspirational role model to all women and girls.  She is a living, breathing example of what can be achieved through hard work, determination, and chopping off ones penis.


No toad sex.

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