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Look at the competition. I chose cutaway, not because it is a superior movie, but because it has more skydiving and most of it is realistic unlike Drop Zone. If I was choosing on the basis of which one was actually the best movie I would have to pick Terminal Velocity. That movie was pretty good, but there really wasn't that much skydiving in it. Drop Zone is an okay movie, but most of the skydiving stuff is really unrealistic (how many times do instructors throw tandem students out and then swoop down and hook them up in time for deployment?). Cutaway is not a bad movie overall, it's just not a big hollywood production. The cast is pretty good for a straight to video release. The story is not bad, and it shows skydiving more realistically than the others. Plus I got it for $4 as a previously viewed cassette from the Blockbuster.
Blue Skies,

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"Ahhh, Mr. Fandango sent me..."
"Sir, there is a Fandango loose in the building..."
I know, doesn't have anything to do with the skydiving movie, but I think of that stupid trailer everytime I hear Fandango now.
Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.-General George Patton-

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