Jammed 269W bar tacker

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Hello riggers,

I moved my 269w across town and when I set it back up it started to run, did 2 or 3 of the straight stitches and then stopped. The clutch will engage and I can disengage with the button on the left side of the machine, but she won't do anything. I can counter rotate the upper shaft about 90 degrees, and then back forward 90 degrees, but thats it. It worked fine before the move and was not dropped or anything.

Stumped in Idaho

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I've had similar problems with ours, but was always able to clear them. Things to try:

Check the bobbin area for thread tangling things up.
Turn the machine off and on a few times, with the needle bar in different positions.
Press the foot lifter pedal a few times.
Tap the GO pedal a few times.
Go through all the above a few times.

Good luck.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." - Carl Sagan

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it does sound like you have thread bound up in the machine, perhaps not thread but fabric dust ball.
Get your machine clean and like the other posted mentioned check the bobbin house and see whats going on down there.
good luck.

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Good point.

I know nothing about sewing machines but usually when something breaks on my bike, like the chain or something, i usually soak it in oil to clean it.

I hope to learn more about this stuff because i would like to become a rigger someday.

Look out for the freefly team, Smelly Peppers. Once we get a couple years more experience we will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future! BLUES!

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You probably have dislodged the clamp inside of the machine. This is common as most people will carry the machine head by grasping under the neck of the machine. If you do this the clamp will dislodge or come off of 3/4 inch motion pin.

Simply remove the right side cover( as you are sitting in front of the machine) by removing the 4 screws. The Pivot/Clamp arm will be clearly visable inside there as well as the pin that it is supposed to be on.

The other possiblity is the cutting knives.
If the stationary knife and upper and lower knives are bent, they will not pass between themselves.
Simply bend the stationary knife to allow passage of the upper and lower knives.

If you have further questions, please call me on my cell or email me. I am currently in Cali with my other profession and will be away from the shop for a few weeks.

Skyworks Parachute Service, LLC

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