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  1. Ok.Ok. So - at which DZ in the Chicago or surrounding area would have a plane up to need me to wear gloves ?
  2. Hello All, I am Chicago for the weekend Jan 10th & 11th looking for a DZ Happy to drive.. Any suggestions >? Thanks and Happy Xmas Steve
  3. + 10 Stop typing get jumping. Simples. Skydiving is not a spectator sport.
  4. +1 100 + jumps on my new NextGen (dom Feb 2014) and no toggle fires.... in fact no problems at all.
  5. Uriel, Hinton ( is about 45 miles from Bham. Open every day expect Mondays. Blue Skies
  6. Rupert I flew from the UK to do my AFF at Deland just over 2 years ago. Its difficult to know what to look for in a DZ when entering the sport but Deland has everything from a tunnel (in Orlando), student landing area, good student kit, nice mock up (pretend plane door to practice on) great restaurant and bar and friendly locals I've been back 4 times :-D Blue Skies and enjoy! Steve
  7. It's interesting that you put those words into their mouths. Neither of them said any of that stuff - they just (bluntly) said you were talking crap, and suggested you back it up with facts. One of them pointed out that this thread was about tandem ratings and that you were not contributing to the topic. In response, you resort to name calling and cheap rhetorical shots. Truly, this is the way to change the world. You're on the right track mate, I can feel skydiving getting better already. Really ? Thank you. I need say no more.
  8. Ahhhhhhhh....yes FS1 (that I have) [crazy...i need to score lost of points to jump safely] Its ok for me though because I can chuck money at it - but your average joe cant. So they end up jumping solos...then get bored...and leave..... No statistics - no clever presentation of the numbers needed - just first hand at a busy DZ since i've been there for the past 2 years. *500 to jump a wingsuit VS 200 in the USA **200 jumps for camera vs 100 in the USA And our American cousins wonder why we like turing up on US dropzones God Bless America and US Drozones !
  9. Stay classy. Showing your a true BPA professional. Congratulation on all those jumps. You're my hero
  10. Skydog/Cornish Chris Thanks for showing new people to the sport (like me) What the Old sky gods in the UK are like. Of course you are both right. You have 30 more years in the sport than little old me and 40 x the jump numbers. I can't be right. I'm new. What do I know ? 15 student/A licence holders were on my packing course 18 months ago - I only know of 1 that jumps - all others have left the sport. Not very scientific. No. But there's a lot of disillusioned jumpers in the UK and a lot of that is caused by the system (me not being one of them) I jump in France and the USA and did my A licence in Deland. There's a lot more fun, encouragement, progression outside the UK. There's also a very different attitude from coaches and high number jumpers as both your replies showed. Stay classy - blue skies
  11. That's what I saw but I couldn't work out if the lines were tangled with the slider or the mal was caused by the slider line/end tangled with the lines or both !
  12. Came across this - it's from Teuge - the main teaching centre in Holland. Great DZ. Can I ask what you don't like about this. Just wondering .....
  13. The BPA system is the reason so many new UK jumpers get their A licence but never progress any further...... Then leave the sport ....
  14. Mxk, I think a lot of it is just personal choice - If you didn't get on with the Pilot then stick with your gut instinct.... As far as flaring - it depends on the length of the brake lines as to where the flare appears - so you need to adjust your brake lines of the flare. I use a 2 stage flare initially on Pilot with the second stage just before I want it to stop and consistently get great landing in no wind or high wind etc etc It took 4 months for the NexGen to arrive - well worth the wait. Blue Skies.
  15. Hi Mxk, I waited til I got to 80 jumps before deciding on what to buy...had all the student gear...tried Spectre and then rented a Icon with a Pilot and never looked back. Opted to buy a new Icon NextGen and its been the best decision since I decided to start the sport. Container is superb and the Pilot gives me gentle on heading openings despite me being attached to it.... ! 100 + jumps on it now and I can see myself always using tis combination.... Have a look at the Pilot ZPX fabric as its 17% smaller so you might be able to get a smaller container. I have the I5 with a Pilot 188ZPX so I can downsize to a 168 and then 150 with the same container. Blue Skies.
  16. Been driving up the Stelvio Pass in the Alps :-) [Italian Swiss Border - voted as the greatest driving road in Europe]
  17. Great video Dan - real nice recovery after the fun exit ! Keep us updated and well done from the UK.
  18. Nick, Welcome to the boards ! There are many jumpers from Belgium who go to France to learn PAC (Like AFF) as you can start at 15 years old at places like Skydive Royan EuroPhoenix. ENJOY!
  19. Rather sensitive and over dramatic reaction to my post. That's so sweet. Xxx
  20. I would have posted it earlier but I only just read it - I could have been post number 2 :-) So you noticed his sexuality but I am classless for bringing it up. Quality. Xxxxxx