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  1. maybe SunPath wants to use the Mojo-Mard in the future?
  2. if you land with the plane this maybe counts as a jump in student mode. I have not seen any other downsides when using my Viso II in student mode.
  3. Skyhelmets Fujin might be a good alternative: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdqIjw52bhFd89y4xYHQa2GOzHRtT2A_RB2FXA4B9vQVqKbgQ/viewform and Tonfly will be releasing a fullface helmet too: https://tonfly.com/helmet.php?id=9
  4. I like it, did about 20 jumps before the end of last season. The openings are sweet! I compare to an Icarus Omni, that has a very soft and long opening. The opening with the s-fire is more progressive in the second half of the process and it's maybe a a bit faster, but still soft. I haven't had the chance to land in zero wind, sadly. Flare is quite powerful I would say :-)
  5. I've got one, size is 149 what do you want to know? there was a similar discussion in 2017: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4856445;search_string=%26quot%3Bs-fire%26quot%3B;#4856445
  6. New speed reserves maybe smaller than older ones as paratec changed the fabric?
  7. I tried a 169 and a 149 S-Fire. My current canopy is a 169 Omni (7-Cell from Icarus Spain) The S-Fire opens great regardless of my poor packing, similar to the Omni. Overall the 169 wasn't that different to my own canopy, but it's way more reactive on toggle input. The 149 is faster and flies great (higher wing-loading). I've ordered one yesterday :-) There are many S-Fires around at my dropzone and everyone seems to be happy. One wingsuiter told me, if he has line twists the canopy is always stable above his had so he can kick out
  8. Thanks, I appreciate your input and saved them all to my favourites. Hope to jump at least at one of these places next year! Uriel
  9. thanks very much! Which dropzones would you recommend near Birmingham or Cambridge?
  10. To jump in the UK, is the BPA membership mandatory? Last time I had a one month membership with BPA, but I'm not sure if I need this as I'm now member of the German equivalent. Secondly, what type of insurance do I need? (to jump with own rig or rental rig) Does BPA membership includes any insurance? Uriel
  11. it is a bit heavier than a Barigo altimeter, but not to heavy for me. It doesn't feel heavy while jumping @skybear: this explains the different experiences!
  12. that confuses me, we may not talk about the same altimeter here? my sapphire is all metal apart from the dial cover and the mount.
  13. it is 13000ft according to this http://www.robnik.com/index_htm_files/246.jpg picture. my own one is with a m dial (4000m) very well build, a bit heavier and bigger than others.