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  1. Parachute trial: Emile Cilliers 'lust-driven pantomime villain' Emile Cilliers denies attempting to murder Victoria Cilliers on 5 April 2015 An Army sergeant accused of trying to murder his wife may be a "pantomime villain driven by lust" but he had no motive to kill, a jury has been told. Former Army officer Victoria Cilliers suffered multiple injuries in 2015 when her parachute failed to open and she fell 4,000ft (1,200m). Emile Cilliers is accused of tampering with the equipment to cause her death. The court heard he was an "easy target" to the prosecution because he had been unfaithful to his wife. In her closing statement at Winchester Crown Court, Mr Cilliers' defence barrister Elizabeth Marsh QC told the jury that the prosecution considered Cilliers a "vile human being" and treated him with "scorn, sarcasm and theatricality". 'No Prince Charming' She asked jurors to remember he was "innocent until they were sure he was guilty". Ms Marsh said: "Mr Cilliers is an easy target, no Prince Charming, if anything the pantomime villain, unfaithful, lying to each of the women in his life, as one assumes 'needs must' if you are conducting any sort of affair." Emile Cilliers appearing in the defendants dock at Winchester Crown Emile Cilliers is being represented by defence barrister Elizabeth Marsh QC She added that his dishonesty during his affairs had been "driven by lust" but did not mean he was lying in his account of what happened to his wife. "Do not characterise lies to fan the flames of lust as someway a motive for a murder," she said. 'Penniless scoundrel' Ms Marsh also said that the suggested motive that he expected to receive his wife's estate if she died was "utterly rubbish". She explained that the couple had a pre-nuptial agreement which excluded the "financially incontinent" and "penniless scoundrel" from inheriting from his wife. Jurors were told Victoria Cilliers' survival was a "near miracle" Ms Cilliers suffered multiple injuries when her hired parachute malfunctioned and the reserve failed as she plummeted 4,000ft to the ground at Netheravon Airfield, Wiltshire on 5 April 2015. Jurors were told her survival was a "near miracle". The defendant denies tampering with his wife's hire kit in a toilet cubicle at the Army Parachute Association. The father-of-six also denies a second attempted murder charge relating to a gas leak at the family home in Amesbury, Wiltshire, and a third charge of damaging a gas valve, recklessly endangering life. The trial continues.
  2. Yes - having a ZPX canopy enables your container to have 3 different canopy sizes. I have an Icon NextGen I5 - started with a 188 ZPX and now fly a 168 but i can go down to a 150 with the same container. My reserve is a 175 smart. I personally found no difference in the ZPX compared to the ZP except pack volume. Loved both canopies. Where in the UK do you jump ?
  3. Finely slice. Do not use a garlic press/crush Put in into a pan on medium heat with olive oil. Use pan with a lid. garlic needs about 60 seconds before adding other ingredients. Once the other ingredients are added the garlic smell will be less powerful For amazing Italian food try this channel - Genaro Contaldo one of the best Italian Chefs - very simple and delicious food.
  4. A great way of losing those extra pounds is to become a skydiver as you won't be able to afford food
  5. Welcome to the Sport ! Tunnel time is great - i find it best to find a tunnel coach that teaches AFF so they know the particular drills you need to do on each jump. Some tunnel coaches do not skydive and / or know AFF so a call before hand (or a shout out on here) will point you in the right direction. The tunnel is tiring and demanding so do little bite size chunks (like 10 minutes per hour for 3 hours) rather than 30 minutes in one session. Reading relevant parts of the SIM is always good - then reading it again. Don't worry most of it still doesn't make sense to me - but there's something nice about learning the rules of the road. Don't read it all - its 200 pages ! You can download it free here: Its runs through what to expect and what tasks you need to do during AFF. Buy - The Parachute and Its Pilot: by Brian Germain (Brian posts here often) and read it and read it again. Little bits will start to make sense. Yoga is great - and so is losing a few pounds (not that I can see you need to do that) Well done of your AFF L1. Blue Skies.
  6. Not a skydiving incident but very strange turn of events. Troops are searching an area of eastern Belgium where a pilot fell out of his military helicopter during an air show. Three troops had jumped with parachutes from the Agusta A-109 helicopter, but the pilot and co-pilot did not have parachutes, Belgian media report. They say the co-pilot helped the three jump, but then saw the pilot's seat empty and his door wide open. He grabbed the controls and landed safely. The air show was at Amay near Liège. The pilot fell several hundred metres. The reason for the pilot's fall remains a mystery.
  7. You wrote the answer. When you have more time in this sport you'll understand why. Welcome to the sky
  8. I don't tell people I jump. I find it's too much of a high bar for people to understand as they immediately feel insecure and have to justify their own insecurity in not skydiving by declaring that we must have a 'death wish'/ or they'd like to do that but 'have a family' / I like extreme sports 'I ride motorbikes'/or 'I want to fly those suit things' Human nature is funny sometimes. Nobody cares you skydive except you and a few loved ones. People tend to put down / negate things they can't comprehend. Welcome to the sport
  9. Don't use a postal order. The answer for the OP is to do as suggested above and use Chutingstar. Simples !
  10. Thought i'd let peeps know that the answer to this is no and yes. Having now done my first Paramotor/PPG course its all about the ground handling of the wing. Once airborne though there is a familiarity to be under canopy and the same basic principals of turning and flaring apply. There is little cross over on the ground (none in fact) but once in the air the canopy skills are similar albeit they are different wings. The main benefit in skydiving and now learning to paramotor for myself is i no longer have any vertigo/fear of heights thanks to jumping and it wasn't a sensation overload like my first 100 jumps.
  11. Heavy, Where do you jump in the UK ? If you are a student (as your profile suggests) then you'll need to stick initially with the helmets issued by the DZ. I don't jump in the UK (but I do live here) but i'd be surprised if a CCI allows anything but a regular skydiving helmet.
  12. With Sian Stokes and Milko Hodges.
  13. Such a nice guy. Such an infectious positive attitude. Spent many a time chatting to him at Deland. He planned on teaching me to wingsuit when I had 500 jumps. Sorry for his family and young daughter. Blue Skies Scotty Steve
  14. I am not great at Dutch but enter you name in the first section then email in second section and your location in the third and hit the Blue oblong shaped send button.... You will then receive an email asking you to verify ... So simply click on the URL link under your email address and that's it ! The landing page says thanks for signing. Teuge is a great DZ with great people.
  15. Wow - this is what I love about this site - your get some great snippets of information that i would never have thought of. Thanks everyone !!!
  16. Hello DZ Family I am off in a few weeks for my first Balloon jump at a busy DZ in Holland (they are hoping for 5k) What things should I be thinking about ? (Except smiling and pulling !) Blue Skies.
  17. France. Skydive Royan (West Coast) Both parents signature and a doctors letter. 13yrs old.
  18. On this general subject - The above video is a great watch - "Girls can't Fly Parachutes" By PD- This seminar discusses the causes that lead to false ideas like this and what can be done to prevent them. Held by Laura Golly and Allison Reay at the 2017 PIA Symposium in Chattanooga, TN.
  19. John. I blame the newspaper that i copied and pasted the article from