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  1. Mate, let me guess, by describing the circumstances of the deal i bet THE DEALER you are dealing with is in AU
  2. The rest of the issues? Hm.... Plz specify.
  3. awesome looking jump suit/rig combo... Is that a Liquid Sky one?
  4. Indeed, your story mate contains a lot of strange info that needs to be elaborated as a minimum with all the circumstance surrounded the incident explained along with the ‘expert statement’ you made. I understand your concern about the safety of Aviacom product users, but next time before making such an announcement it’d be quite handy for the community to post an additional info, so there’ll be more or less clear picture of what actually happened. I’d say first hand info would be highly appreciated too. Has the report been submitted to the manufacturer? If so, what was their response then? I’m sure there’ll be quite a few people interested. P.S Out of curiosity: what AAD do you jump with?
  5. Anybody knows (or still having) where to get an RSL Kit for PDF Atom Classic container '98 model? Any info would be great & much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Here are my 2 cents. I personally aware of the successful handling of Samo 170 by the jumper with under 100 jumps loading it 1.0. The same person had an average canopy piloting skills at the time. At 280 jumps in his skydiving career he moved to Samo 150 without a single chop or accidents under his 170. He has got now just under 500 jumps all up and is planning to move down to 136. At the same time I'm aware of the jumper who used to jump 120 sq.ft Sabre 2 loading it nearly 2.0. You would never believe the guy was jumping a Sabre looking at his landing. Does it make Sabre (widely accepted a good post student canopy) less aggressive canopy? Hell no - it's a hungry dog. I actually prefer to be under Samo than Sabre 2 with the same wingloading no both. And i had a chance to compare Samo 136, Mamba 132 and Katana 135 and Samo does not come even close to the last two. And Under Samo 136 it felt like i was flying 150 sq.ft main, not 136. I'm not trying to say that Samo is an excellent choice for a beginner, but it can be flown conservatively, and it's a rock solid in turbulence - very stable and reliable. It's largely depends on the wing loading and awareness/knowledge of the type of canopy you fly.
  7. The same CLOWN (jerryvan) owes to me, still: 1. Refund/or 2 sets of Cypres 1 batteries. Were advertised brand new, were delivered dead. It has been 2 years now since; No refund no new batteries. 2. Set of SS mirii non velcro risers with toggles, advertised as new, with only 50 jumps on the set. What was delivered is absolutely worn out set of risers, 600 jumps or so. I've been jumping since '98 so i know how set of risers with 50 jumps suppose to look like. Shipped them back. What was delivered in return is wide velcro set of risers, cadmium hardware; I told the guy that's not what you advertised/i paid $$$ for. I'm yet to hear back from him on that. 3 Then the same clown shipped to me 2 sliders for the main canopies, explaining in the following e-mail that i might need those; Gave him a call, he said he thought i need those, i could not believe it.... Never asked him to ship to me sliders, never ever. I'm still in possession of both. And shipping back the above from AU to US is a pricey exercise, so i kinda gave up. 4. And maybe something else, have to review my e-mails from him that are 2 years old by now. The above mentioned issue are still not resolved. All the above mentioned issues are relatively small but annoying. Good reflection of the guy's attitude and businesses practices though. And he is trying to sell a pilot chute in his new posted ad:;d=1 Watch out, you may receive a set of postcards instead, as he might decide that you need those more than the pilot chute, which is handy to have anyway for the upcoming Christmas.
  8. Not so much interested in durability of the ZPZ material. I'm sure it's durable and has been thoroughly tested. More interested to hear feedback of people who had a chance to compare performance of ZPX Sensei vs ZP Sensei, ZPX Mamba vs ZP Mamba, ZPX Pilot vs ZP Pilot, etc...
  9. Just bringing this thread back alive Recently had a conversation with a well known respected person in canopy designing who's opinion i value a lot. The outcome of the conversation made me curious whether we'd hear more info on (not much has been posted up until now): I wanted to find out about the track record of ZPX, particularly, if there are any differences in flight characteristics (immediately and over time) Is there any difference in rigidity of the wing made of standard ZP compare to ZPX flying in different weather condition? All info shared on the above will be great and much appreciated.
  10. Both cutters used for Cypres & Argus are nearly identical. I'm not aware of Airtec "patented secrets" though maybe those makes all the difference. Regardless, I'm just wondering what stopped the cutter (IF THAT WAS THE ISSUE CAUSING THE ACCIDENT, THERE IS STILL BIG IF HERE) perform exactly the same in real situation as per tests done by Aviacom shown in the video. (Unless the design of '07 made cutters are significantly different to what was used in the video) Other than that it's same cutter, same manufacturer, different circumstances. Anything else....?
  11. Nothing stops you testing cutters on anything your want, just the reality tells me that it's unlikely the AAD's closing loops are going to be made of steel cables in the near future. I believe the reason Aviacom did not perform testing on steel cables as there was no real need for it. On the side note. As far as i know neither Airtec or Aviacom manufacture their own cutters. They get their supply probably from the same manufacturer.
  12. ......I think everybody know that in Russia very expansive skydive gear and to buy skydive gear from is cheaper..... While brand new equipment might be a bit more expensive overseas and i believe it should be for a number of reason, practical experience tells me that second hand gear prices in Russia are about the same and if you search local gear selling forums you might find that it sometimes even cheaper than in US. Amazingly after talking to some people looking for gear they expect from you even further price reduction. So you might do your self a favor and do your search. Sooner or later you'll find an excellent deal locally on a piece of gear you/your friends looking for very competitively priced - means less stress, less hassle and more secure.
  13. My friend Ferdinando. In order to stop 'nonsense' you seems to be so much worry about it's a good idea to update your profile... maybe that's something to start with. And on the side note... You know THE ELEPHANT is still there unattended, looking for you. Don't have to be a Pet Detective, just look for it, it's there standing in front of you. Simply help the animal and don't be so cruel. Zookeepers will finally appreciated your effort & support.
  14. Personal experience going few years back: Mirage M5 with fairly new Lotus 190 (everything was less than 50 jumps) - and that was real bitch to get into the d-bag, i wish i had M6 for it. Then i packed the same rig with Pilot 168 later on and that was much better fit, well the whole rig esthetically looked much better. Rig might get "softened" a bit with more jumps you put on it - that's true,(just all that brand new stiffness goes away) but i don't think you'll get the same effect with d-bags, unless it's compleately worn out, but i still doubt.
  15. ....a rigging ticket doesn't mean that much in terms of gear knowledge.... that's so true. I came across few old school guys who still living somewhere in 80's. Sure they still can use their sewing machine the very same way they did 30 years ago but they have very limited knowledge what's happened since. Assuming there is no personal interests involved in the advise given of course. I personally jumped all Pilots from 188 down to 132. It's probably not a swooping machine (didn't mean to be i believe in the first place) but it's good all around canopy - hands down. Aerodyne did an amazing job with this one. Test jump both and see which one suits you best - simple as that.