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  1. Hello, Thanks for the response.The price is okay,So send the below information so that you i can send out the International Money Order or cashier check to you cash in your bank and the money will be available in three working days to you for payment: Name to be issue on the Check: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Country: Phone(Home,Mobile,Office): Last Price? Am very sure you are an honest person and like to deal with you.Thank you So you need not to worry about the shipping arrangement..I will take care of that.Hope to read from you soonest.so get back to me fast...Am buying it so tell any other interested buyer that is already been sold.if there any question you can call me on +447011127918 I will be glad to read from you. Sean Williams
  2. On 13-Apr-2012 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Dropzone.com Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => mutendo URL => http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=125351&d=1 Name => sean FromEmail => [email protected] City => Country => Comments => Hello, Am inquiring about your Complete Systems let me know the price?
  3. I ordered a Z1, finish was bad..customer service from parasport worse. I bought a Freezr...love it, great helmet.
  4. I saw it in January. They said it's only in the smallest sizes right now, adult sizes should be available in may. Max will be 170.
  5. hmmmm......i'll go without...i do have a vigil card...cutter looks the same...that ought to do it...
  6. Ya, I know.... Anyways, I'm travelling with my gear as checked baggage next week. Can't find my xray card. The email addy's at aviacom are unresponsive. Anyone able to scan and post the xray card for me to print?
  7. I work in the aviation industry. We don't consider jet engine intakes design flaws because FOD can enter them, or props flawed in design because they can stir up gravel which will FOD them or access areas to control cables faulty because a mechanic can leave FOD in them to jam controls. We consider our practices and poor housekeeping faulty. We use double checks, tool control etc to prevent FOD, not wrap airplanes in plastic to prevent it. I'd say, if this was indeed a shot ball from a weight bag, this is poor housekeeping and poor FOD control if its possible for shot to come out of the bag. I'd say this is akin to leaving a temporary pin inside the pack job.
  8. jb88ci


    I managed to find one of these that was your typical closet queen, but never ever jumped....Its my first container and is most excellent. It packs easy, has most modern ameneties like tuck tabs etc.... It is also very very comfy..i'd recommend these if you can find one. while the company is out of business, the current TSO owner states any vector parts can be used as direct replacement parts.
  9. I think maybe the quoted part of my post was misinterpretted. The sour grapes comment was more concerning leaving the post up and roasting the vendor over the fire after I'd gotten my refund, which I did wait six months for. I totally had sour grapes taste when I posted, originally as I had made significant efforts to resolve this privately I thought taking down the post would be the right thing to do, instead of rubbing someones nose in it. I'm not going to say too much more about this deal as I've had a very apologetic email from Joe and we did finally resolve the issue. If/when we meet up somewhere, I'm buying the first round.
  10. thanks for taking care of this joe, et al.... i did get my refund, i hope that the mods can delete my post now, so that nobody thinks its sour grapes....
  11. is it possible that the cut loop is frayed because it was flapping in the breeze for 7 seconds at 130 mph?
  12. i'm what most people describe as heavily tattoo'd... My sleeves (tattoo's, not shirts) cover a half dozen BAD tattoo's. Tattoo's that didn't turn out like they should have, that i grew out of, that were cool in the 80's but not for the 40 odd yr old man wearing them now. Anyway, choose an artist you are comfortable with, you can talk to, that you feel is genuine. Look at their shop for cleanliness, for sure. Health inspectors take trainees to my artists shop to show them how at shop should look and be cleaned. Choose an artist that specializes or loves the art you are looking for. Many up and comers will tattoo anything, but if they have a passion for it will put more soul into it. Finally, my advice, pick your piece carefully...its going to be with you a long time.
  13. i didn't notice in the accident report if they speculated on loop length but Karel did send me a document where it does state, as we know, that a long loop may affect the cutters action. On that note, i found some video tests on youtube of Argus cutter tests done last month with 0kg of loop tension.... http://www.youtube.com/user/Argus996#p/u
  14. Well, I called them again yesterday, asked to speak to Mako directly. He wasn't there, I left a message to return my call. I was asked what the call was about so explained briefly, we'll see if I get a call back.