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  1. Reviews show gimbal-like stabilization with softer colors. Seen anyone jump with it?
  2. Good time filler movie. I guess the Bonehead Aero is Halo certified now. Or was it modified for the O2.
  3. Chin mount, mountain biker: https://youtu.be/V1d8_RyGi1g
  4. You could wear a 2nd one but what do you do with real time speed info? Going for a PR in speed?
  5. Are you using 2 for 3D? 360? Different angles? Which mount are you using? Since you're mounting further back, is the viewing angle elevated much?
  6. Yes, space reasons in tight planes. This thing doesn't look that different from the Contour that's usually mounted on the side. Top mount also blocks visors from going up. I'm almost tempted to try chin mount. ETA: just saw this, for those with access to 3D printing. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2014787 User also has one for X3000 but this one has mounted pics.
  7. Anyone tried this on a common skydiving helmet? https://www.sony.com/electronics/actioncam-mounting-accessories/vct-hsm1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLoVtuY-JHg
  8. Anyone tried jumping with it? http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/olympus_tg_5_review/
  9. Has this thing taken over new camera purchases or are people still getting GoPro for the form factor (ie chin mount) / inertia?
  10. Mind explaining more about f/stop gel? Is it covering the lens? Do you guys find the live remote necessary? It's very pricey and isn't sold separately from the X3000.
  11. Interesting jello with the wind. Perhaps the wind is blowing the sensor/BOSS system around. Now I just need a 4K display to play it at full res!
  12. https://www.dpreview.com/news/2702124130/zerotech-to-introduce-4k-action-cam-with-built-in-gimbal
  13. Delayed till at least April, according to the comments. Camera banned from competition? What do you mean?
  14. BOSS is looking very impressive. Mind posting a few pics of what it looks like mounted? Are you using the adhesive mount? Mohawk style probably doesn't look bad compared to a GoPro. Too bad chin mount probably won't be happening.
  15. You're the one saying complicated, I'm just not stuck in the 80's. Looks like USPA is too complicated for you to grasp, you're the perfect lemming they feed off of. I'll give them kudos for that. To the OP, salesman who sold me one said 19k ft trying to upsell the N3, so apologies for getting it wrong and thx for the corrections from others.
  16. The Viso is capped to ~19k feet though. Seems like the Alter is rated at 33k http://www.alter.ltd/ I can't tell on the Ion. The USB charging is nice on newer products and hopefully the UI's are getting easier to use.
  17. What probably helped in your case was using a student/rental chute that was a lot larger than what you'd jump later on. But there was still a higher risk of the chute losing stability over the course of descent as you go through turns, turbulence, etc. Going to a stable reserve would drastically cut down the odds of that. As others mentioned, 4 jumps is very little experience to judge. When I was a student, the wing loading was ~0.65-0.75 (Your weight with rig divided by main canopy size in sq ft). Without the extra size, the speed may have caused injury so you do want to cut away if it's not "there and square", which esp as a student should mean looking only 1 way except for minor line twists. It's true that instructors aren't infallible but I'd roll the dice with their odds until you have way more experience.
  18. I have not jumped in Japan. But you can always find a worse example of anything, dunno what the point would be.
  19. Told to me by a DZO. You can survey your DZO for more info, I'm not an O myself.
  20. I agree that's what the USPA needs to do.
  21. I see the brown noser roll call has started. It's in the news and on video. I've gotten multiple PM's about why you bend over for them but I'll let you share yourself.
  22. Firstly, apologies to the visitors of the US and other professionals who reluctantly put up with this wannabe mob for their vocation. They were around before most of u.s. started jumping and we were corralled into it. It seemed innocuous enough but incidents like this executive wannabe Ed Scott lying to the media to run this racket crosses the line of decency. It has no official authority and we can make a difference at our DZ's, who need jumpers first and foremost. Drop group membership, drop individual membership, and let'em know you're no pushover. One excuse I hear of feeding the racket is that deal sites like Groupon look for group membership. To that end, I've reached out to contacts at Groupon (and potential tandem tourists) to educate them about the charade of a faux-authority managed by non-current jumpers. It may or may not do any good but it's time to stop the charade of misinformation. I certainly don't speak for all as there are plenty of brown noses out there, plenty of those who leech off of you, but we are what keeps the planes going and the doors open.