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  1. If you want to match the gopro focal length without buying the 10-18mm, you could get the ultra wide converter for the 16mm. If you want to shoot video, the a6300 with the 16/20mm pancake lens and the uwc is an awesome combination. Keith Creedy shoots that combination (I believe 16mm with the uwc) and loves the extra glass causing lens flares for video. I believe he used it almost exclusively in his video San Andreas.
  2. I don't have the live remote and have been fine without it. I however dont use the waterproof case but purchased the separate lens protector since you can't see the front recording light with it on. Hypoxic should be releasing the new hype eye soon that works with the x3000 and many other of the new Sony cameras/camcorders. I however don't believe it's compatible with the waterproof case either.
  3. gimbal built in? It's not as wide as most action cams, (gopros I believe are 16-17mm focal length equivalent of a full frame) though but it's not too bad.
  4. I'm using a cookie flatlock since I'll switch it out with a ax53 when I'm doing outside video, and I'm jumping a Tonfly CC2 helmet so it probably wouldn't help you much ;)
  5. Did a small bit of headup and just wanted to show how effective the stabilization of the x3000 is. The first link has the x3000 shot at 1080p at 120fps (but I dumped it down to 30) so it's a bit softer than normal 1080p.'' The second link was shot side by side with an a5100 and sel20f28 lens, so the focal length is different but it shows how much vibrations there were. Anyone know what settings work best with vimeo, makes my video look even softer :/
  6. Anyone have a chance to jump the Crossfire and Tesla now that they are on the market?
  7. There website would be but there is no point going there as there site is 'coming soon.' Their helmet, the Fujin, is technically coming out next year, and from what Ive heard there's almost a 3 month waiting list for them. I have one of their first variations, the D7, and it is indeed an excellent helmet. Better protection, more noise isolation, and more comfortable than the g3 in my opinion. Also more visibility and the visor locking mechanism is my favorite of all my full face helmets. Also more expensive, but it is worth every penny. If they could keep up with demand more people would wear there helmets, and many big names across the pond are representing them very well.
  8. Are demo and sales for the Tesla going live right at midnight EST?
  9. You can put smaller canopies in the v306, many jumpers have put small pads/pillows in the rig to allow for smaller canopies. On another note... That's your blog correct? You're on a 150, and you're already thinking about a container that will take a 120 max and are asking about a Katana/Crossfire 97?
  10. The Olympus TG tracker and Garmin both use electronic image stabilization. The only action cam out on the market that uses any type of OIS is the Sony X3000 (and rumored revl arc).
  11. I wonder how useful it will be for is skydivers.
  12. For me my money is going to go towards the sony x3000. That BOSS is just way too nice compared to anything else out there, but maybe this EIS "professional grade" will prove me wrong, but I doubt it.
  13. If you want to wear polarized sunglasses (easier to spot dust devils) and still wear a digital altimeter, I recommend finding some anti-glare screen protectors. I bought some from the brand greatshield ($5 dollar shipped for some clearance models, and I got 3, when 1 can probably fill 3-4 screens). I applied it to my N3 which I could not see with polarized sunglasses on the ground and when I applied it I was able to see it just fine both on the ground and in the air.
  14. Depending on the camera setup you have, most likely you'll want to find one that has soft openings. They have one for every class, I jump right now a Safire 3 over a Sabre 2 because I needed a canopy that opens softly and can get back from a long spot.