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  1. I had the exact same problem with my Optima. I wasn't able to reset it. I sent it in and they ended up replacing it with an Optima II so I assume it was something major since they didn't repair it.
  2. I currently have a cypress 1 and will be replacing with a 2 shortly. I really considered the vigil due to potential longer life and not having to send back for a 4 year check up, but after a lot of thought I'm back to the cypress 2 because I just feel more comfortable with it. Also, I really don't mind the 4 year check and I don't know if its just me but I don't believe the self diagnosis within the vigil could be nearly as complete as the extensive testing done by cypres when you send it back. Additionally, if there is something wrong with the unity what's to say that it could actually correctly report a problem. But that is just my own beliefs and I could be totally off but at the end of the day its my last line of defense so I just want to make sure I have what I feel the most comfortable jumping with.
  3. I have had several of their suits and the quality is excellent. Very happy with their work and they have always taken care of me with alterations etc. I think it is great value and definitely worth every cent.
  4. Look at some of the Bonehead helmets. They ship with shims to make them smaller as needed. Don't know if they could accomodate a 2" change, but call them and they may have an idea.
  5. I purchased it right off of AFF so I could have an open face until I was at a level safe to wear a full face. I do mostly belly flying. Recently I sold it and bought a G2 (because I thought like you I would stay with one discipline), but shortly after I ended up picking up a Mindwrap from bonehead cause I really missed getting that open air feeling every now and then. I thought the Revolve was a a great helmet. Actually think it is quite a bit more comfortable than my G2.
  6. I just went to good ol' walmart and got this. Has room for my rig, full face helmet, 2 jumpsuits, gloves, alti etc. I like the wheels, mainly cuz I'm getting old. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Protege-30-2-Section-Rolling-Duffel-Bag-Black-and-Charcoal/13269107
  7. You should be glad I went through AFF before you became an instructor...I was (and still am) an absolute mess...
  8. Sorry it took so long but here are some pictures. This is the standard handle on a small harness. From my memory, the low pro does not come out as far from the lift web but also has a more angular shape on the bottom.
  9. I just meant you can't say "I want a medium low pro". You basically can only say standard or low pro, then they make the choice of which of the small/med/large you get based on what fits best w/ your harness. The low pro for the small harness I felt like too small in my hand. Again these are just my interpretations, my original point was that for smaller guys/gals, the low profile handle is probably smaller than what you expect especially if you are comparing agains friends that may have medium or large harnesses. I should be able to get my pic up shortly.
  10. Just to clarify, you don't actually have 6 different choices. Basically you select either standard or low pro, then depending on the size of your harness, they select the small/medium/large (I think there were 3 different of each) of that type. Sorry for any confusion.
  11. As soon as I get a chance I will post a pic. There are actually 6 different sizes in total, basically a small/med/large size for both the standard low profile handles. The handle you would get is definitely smaller than the pic in the recent post from sundevil.
  12. Congrats and Rick is the man! He helped me a lot!. As far as the low pro handle, You may want to rethink it or talk to Rick. I am the same height as you and I actually went to the factory and saw how small that handle is. Since we are short our harness is obviously smaller and the low pro handle is really tiny for it. After seeing it in person I ended up changing my order from the low pro handle to the regular. And since we have the small harnesses its pretty small anyway. I just measured my standard handle for you and at it's widest 3 1/8" and at the narrowest its 2". It extends out about 2 1/4". That's just my .02
  13. Its a bit of a drive from Ft. Lauderdale but Skydive Sebastian is nice.
  14. I have a pair you can try the next time I see you if you haven't already made a pair. Mine are two layers of 4 ply and help quite a bit. I'm sure I'll be out friday or saturday.
  15. One thing to add about the Revolve if you go that direction. I would make sure he follows through with wearing it as a open face until at least his A (or longer). You get used to it, but you definitely have to "feel" for the ladder strap holding the face mask down. When you are new and still learning. The time spent messing around with that mecahnism really isn't ideal when there is so much else going on. And if you can't get it open, the Revolve definitely has reduced peripheral vision with the face down and will be an extra distraction while trying to focus on landings.
  16. I had the Revolve and now have a G2. To me the Revolve was much more comfortable, but more bulky than the G2. I also felt like I had to fumble around with the opening a little more than I wanted to with the Revolve. However, with him just off of AFF I would think the Revolve may be the way to go since he can wear it as an open face. My instructor didn't want me to wear a full face until I was close to getting my A.
  17. The glasses would be a function of the TV, not the camera. I believe Toshiba is going to be shipping a "glasses free" tv, but I think they will be cost prohibitive for a while, and the way that technology works has a limited number of viewing angles in these first sets. The active shutter glasses still give you the best resolution for home sets (support full 1080p in 3D), followed by the real3D sets (only support 540p in 3D mode, 1080p in 2D). A friend of mine has the go pro setup and the last I talked to him he said every now and then the software is glitchy, but for the most part it works really well. The nice part about their software is you can render it for use with the red/blue glasses, or for the new TVs that use active shutter glasses or the polarized lenses(real3D). Don't know of any other 3d cam out there right now for use on a helmet.
  18. I just bought a G2 so now I own both and can give a comparison, but as others have said I depending on the size/shape of your head may be comfortable to one person but not another. First I have a pretty big head and wear an XL. To me (again with my shape of head) the REvovle wins hands down in comfort. I have heard the G2s break in so maybe I'll change my mind down the road, but out of the box no comparison the REvolve takes it. The REvolve is also considerably cooler temperature wise which is nice in Florida. On the pluses for the G2, peripheral vision is definitely better with the G2 and you have more visibility of the mouth. I also think the opening mechanism is a bit easier with gloves on, but then again your only opening a visor vs the whole front of the helmet. The G2 is also a little more sleek and I like the tinted visor option. The G2 is definitely more quiet than the REvolve but whether that is good or bad is up to you. While wearing the revolve things are quieted down, but you can still talk to others on the plane. With the G2, everything is pretty muffled even on the ground. It could potentially be a downfall when in the pattern at a busy DZ. In another thread I reported I had problems with fogging int he revolve, but I realize I have the same with the G2. I'm definitely a mo uth breather and its terribly humid here so that is the cause. Others have tried and had no issues. Above I mentioned I thought the REvolve was coolor and I think its because you can exhaust your hot breath better with the REvolve because you can definitely feel the hot air coming back in your face on the G2. So in the end I can't say one is better than the other because they are both great helmets. It just depends what is important to you. I'm selling the REvolve only because it doesn't make sense to keep them both and I'll stay with the G2 for a while since its new, who knows long term if I will regret it or not. Well that's my 2 cents...
  19. Just saw this on Cookie's website and found out the G2 is now officially discontinued. Wonder why they switched from carbon fiber to ABS? http://www.cookiecomposites.com/shop/helmets/94/index.htm
  20. I bought it in May from Paragear. It did not come w/ a bottle of solution.
  21. I live in FL so the humidity is awful, but I've been having a lot of trouble with fogging once under canopy if I can't get the visor open right away. Wearing gloves, there are days I have a little trouble finding the latch (yes I have practiced) but until I get the visor up it REALLY fogs up.
  22. Thanks Nova, to be honest I never thought about pulling the cutaway handle after the reserve was out.
  23. On a jump today I guess I didn't pack the PC as well as I should have and it stuck on deployment. I was about to pull the reserve but I finally got it deployed at 3k. I have had two contradicting response as to what I should have done if I was unable to ever get the main deployed. The first person said to just pull the reserve because the main wasn't out, the other said cut free and then pull the reserve. The second person's point of view was that even though the main was still in the container with the closing pin still in, if I was under the reserve and somehow the PC came out of the BOC pouch, it could have deployed the main and left me with a 2 out situation. My question is, what is the most recommended approach of the two