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  1. Heya jumping buddies, Are you Aussie or part Aussie? Do you live in Aus or abroad? We need your help. We wish to crack an Aussie FS record in Perris California USA. May 30 - June 10 this year. We need more Aussies to register and make up the numbers. If you are APF member you have 5 days to register to receive money from the national counsel to help get you there. On a personal note this record in very important to me. I've had a rather tough time in the last few years and some health problems. This will probably the first and last big way opportunity for me to be involved in for a long time. 2012 is a big year, lets make it the best for Aussie Skydiving!! Remember the world is going to end soon ay?! ;) Head to the P3 site for more info or email Grey Jack on [email protected] I'll give you hugs, a ham sandwich and a picture of my cat if you come. Love Netty!
  2. That's excellent news highjb, I will investigate my liner options on my z1. But I will also follow up on davevans bonehead suggestion to. Thanks guys.
  3. I'd love a G3, Aussie owned, good looking. Squeak you could always buy me one ;P
  4. Cookie is out of my price range new and there aren't really any secondhand G2 or G3 floating around. I like full face for FS.
  5. Get the pilot in zpx and don't look back. With any canopy fabrics lighter colours can fade, that's the only thing I know to worry about.. and I still bought light green.
  6. 188 I've jumped both. Now own 168 zpx pilot. Love love love.
  7. Yes I guess. They are felted wool braided into my hair. Blue, says and fuchsia. I love em.
  8. So, I've been jumping a Z1 med I think.. I have a 22 inch head. Got me some dreadlock extensions, now my head is 24inchs. You can imagine my helmet is painfully snug. So question is. What brands of full face have liner options that I can accommodate my new big head (lol) but could be downsized if I ever decide to remove the locks. Cheers.
  9. I'm sure his is fluoro green and not a tony. I was heading to Busso, but I've been asked to skate a bout this weekend.. so I'm a bit bummed, cause I was looking forward to jumping in a beetlejuice costume. :( I guess it saves me money to spend on Melbourne Cup bouts. Might jump Sun?
  10. So my Tonysuit Wingsuit R-bird is ordered. Happy! But Tonysuits have informed me that neon green in my colour scheme is not available and that they were going to use standard green. They have told me they don't have a picture of the green. I'm quite disappointed since a toxic green is on my Vector. So does anyone out there have a tony wingsuit with standard green in it, take a pic and post to me. If I think the green is poo with my suit, I'm thinking Turquoise instead. Please help.
  11. I love my pilot zpx.. great to pack too, even when new!!
  12. I totally love it!! I've had a new Sabre 2 give me grief all the way into the bag, even packers wrestled with it. Then used a newish Pilot 188 then 168 zp. Since packing was always my weak point I went with the extra cost and bought my Pilot 168 zpx. Got it in the bag first go!! It has a texture that I feel helps. I really, truly love the zpx and I love the pilot.. it has the handling and performance I was looking for, responsive yet forgiving. The colours kinda suck, but I ain't complaining. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
  13. I see where you're coming from. But, He took large professional ads out in ASM.. I live in WA and he called me immediately after my inquiry and sent me letters of recommendation from manufacturers. He came across as sincere and legit. With badgering I received a demo rig and cared for it. I was very very careful not to get left without a rig. Alot of people say if the the deal is to good it's probably dodge. He sold the deal professioanlly, not a under the table. How the fuck were some of us to know?? People on this forum plaised him and shot down complaints from burnt customers. I'm very very thankful I have my gear. I know where all your money has gone, but it would be improper for me to post someones problematic lifestyle choices. Yes yes yes!! I'm sticking with local more expensive options in future :)
  14. I'm confused myself..anyways. I wear glasses when I jump. My glasses have transitions lenses so I wear clear ones. I guess mirrored would block the view of your glasses, but eye contact between jumpers in freefall I believe is important. I don't live OVA style goggles, there too bulky. I love Way Cool homebrand normal fitting goggles, they allow we to wear my specs without looking like a moon unit.
  15. I really don't get this forum. A jumper on these forums months ago warned you all about his KK experience and I wanted to do the same.. But you all shot him down in flames and gave him no support tell the world Gary is a good guy and a good dealer. This scared me off from backing him up via my experiences. Mr. Lucas is a nice person, I believed he had good intentions, but certain lifestyle choices I believe clouds his judgment and some very very bad mishandling of money. His heart is in the jumping and the sport, but without business skills you can soon wind up looking like a con man. Even though my custom rig that I bought that doesn't fit properly took 8 months to arrive and in January this year I had to get on a plane for 5hrs to ambush him for my main.. At least I got my goods (though no receipts, so my insurance is screwed) I think people on these forums should wait before hacking someone to bits that had the good gusto of warning people of dodge dealers, no matter how much of a buddy they are to you.