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  1. [email protected] Sorry I'm at the mobile I can't font the right place But the guy above its a buyer scam , I can provide the emails, thanks Quote
  2. Seller scam This guy took my money and I didn´t received the canopy I sent to him several emails , no answer.
  3. Come on Guys !!!! Anyone can´t give us some advice about the accommodation ???
  4. I been using my Panasonic Gx-1 with the wide agle 14 (not fisheye) enough wide for tandems . , I reduce the speed 1/3 to take 4-6 p Fps , and the quality 1/2 . The first attempt I take 230 pics in 45 seconds in freeefall , and almost 2 Gb , . I made the bite switch by myself, not easy but not too much difficult . I,m very pleasant with the quality and the weight.
  5. Sorry Douglas the link It doesn´t works. Thanks
  6. You can try very friendly dropzone and people, works in cooperation with .. [url]
  7. I just bougth one , right now I'm working in the bite switch, and plate's helmet . I'll let you know.
  8. Well , the thing is , is not spanish neither is Portuguese .
  9. How many pics do you take in free fall with that system ??? Do you mind to post the manual setings of your Nex Thanks
  10. I was thinking to buy a Sigma 15mm f/2.8, for stills , combined with Sony CX and Century 0.5 for daily work with Tandems. Has anyone used the Rokinon 8mm for stills doing Tandems ? Cause it´s half of price than Sigma.... Thanks
  11. Awesome,very very nice edition and perfect music, congrats guys !!!!
  12. Well. but in reality in my dropzone we always use the DVD recorder only takes 6-7 min for a DVD of the recording time and 2 more to burn. what I said will eventually have to buy a Cx in USA Thanks
  13. Yes Yes, I think mostly in the video editing work tandem with a DVD recorder. Thanks I think I finally buy some Sony CX series but miss some effects, quality will win in the final edit. Congratulations on your Blog